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I usually don’t write reviews.. I feel this is a very necessary ...I have never had “chiropractic care” or the knowledge of “automine disorder” as I have experience with Dr. Faria .. this Doctor is a true gift to anyone seeking alternative medicine to help with what your doctor could no... See More


Dr. Faria has been a tremendous blessing to our family. Our children were suffering with digestive issues, food allergies, anxiety, depression, and inattentiveness. He individualized a wellness plan for them and the results have been miraculous. His knowledge, years of experience, and wisdom are un... See More


Hello, my name is Kirk and I think Cellular Health Institute is great. Dr. Faria is very knowledgeable and competent in his treatments. The staff is very courteous and the facility is very well equipped with the newest technology. I injured my back and was walking around for weeks in pain and discom... See More


Dr. Faria has been very instrumental in changing my life around health wise. He has taken all reasonable information at his disposal to provide the best possible guidance in supplements to be taken. Over a period of time, the so-called brain fog has slowly begun to clear up. Considering health impro... See More


I had been having extreme headaches for over a month. They were constant. The only way I could function as a mom and as a human being was to live on Advil. I had intense pain in the back of my head and it radiated around to the front. I couldn’t even lay on my pillow without feeling like I was... See More


Dr.Faria is incredible.
He is an extremely professional and honest person.
The Dr is very patient, he explained everything in
detail and answered all of my questions.
His time is valuable but he didn’t rush me at all and I really like that.
The staff is awesome, they were kind and helpful ... See More


Dr. Faria, first of all is a joy to work with. He genuinely listens to your problems and greatly improves your life with functional medicine. I’ve had Crohn’s disease and with diet natural vitamins, I’ve kept it in remission. I’ve also had problems with bronchial asthma and as of six years a... See More

Clay McMillan Recommends Cellular Health institute

I’ve known Dr Faria since the early 90’s. Great Doctor! I wouldn’t see anyone else. I always leave there feeling like a new man! The way I see it...there are chiropractors and then there’s Dr. Faria.

2 weeks ago
Lorraine Francis Allgeyer Recommends Cellular Health institute

I’ve been dealing with annoying health issues for the better part of 20 years. I’ve been to several doctors and none of them were able to pinpoint the cause of my chronic symptoms. My husband found Dr Faria through his research last year and tried to convince me to see him. I was a skeptic, I was just about done with doctors and specialists. I went to see Dr Faria earlier this year and dragged my feet in completing the tests he ordered for me. He was patient and understanding and encouraged me to keep going. I had never had any doctor run that battery of tests on me in my 50 years. When I went to get my blood drawn, the phlebotomist commented that that was a lot of blood. I was not discouraged because I knew I was on the right path. Once Dr Faria had a complete picture of what was going on with me, he started me on my cellular detox. In just 3 months I’ve seen such great improvement in my health. I am more energetic, my brain fog is gone, I am sleeping better, my mood has improved and I am finally losing weight. I’ve lost 12 pounds and for me that is huge! I had difficulty losing just 2 pounds without gaining it back plus some. Dr Faria shared his own personal stories with me and that of his wife’s. I didn’t need to be convinced because I trusted him the first time I sat with him to discuss my health. If you are having chronic health issues no matter how seemingly insignificant,don’t ignore them. Give Dr Faria a call to get a complete health assessment! I’m glad I did!!!

2 months ago
Marsha Jaramillo Recommends Cellular Health institute

Outstanding staff gives you TLC and are very friendly. Dr Faria is one of the best doctor's I have been to for my many health issues in a long time. I highly recommend him for everyone looking for a return to a high quality of life.

2 months ago

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