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Wow. There are not enough superlatives in the dictionary for me to describe what I think of Carter Physiotherapy. You are nothing short of awesome. I can’t believe how long I struggled (pretty sure it was close to 3 years) to figure out what was wrong with my leg (and, gosh, how many awful drugs I took to help me live w the pain!) and then BOOM! Carter Physiotherapy almost magically heals me. I know I’m technically not healed. I still have a ways to go but in the big picture, I’m healed when you compare where I was and had been to where I am now. You have given me my life back!!!! Wow.

Your office is very neat and clean. I appreciate that it is inviting and has a sense of “healing” about it. You have positive images and sayings posted everyone. It’s hard to be there and do anything but think positively. That’s a great state of mind to have when you are trying to heal.

I appreciate your kindness, your tact, your patience, your sense of humor, and how reasonable and sensible you are.

I enjoy being around you, working with you, thinking things through with you, and, most of all, learning from you. I’m excited about the progress I’ve made and what I know I will continue to make thanks to Carter Physiotherapy. You can bet that I will be telling all of my friends and co-workers how wonderful, smart, and successful you are! Carter Physiotherapy is TOPS in my book!!

-- Mary G

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