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I'm 32 years old and I've spent the last two years on a quest to heal my chronic upper back pain as holistically as possible. I had a terrible basketball injury in where I fell hard on my back onto concrete and popped a rib out of place. It has been a long and trying road full of ups and downs (mostly downs), but since coming to Carter Physiotherapy, I've been thoroughly impressed at the progress we've made. After seeing over 10 different practitioners ranging from other PTs, to massage therapists, to chiropractors, and acupuncturists, I can appreciate Dr. Carter and his team's attentiveness to my specific pain and injury. It's been so hard to find people that really investigated this and followed the paths my pain is leading them on. Most every person I've seen does their routine method of therapy and then if it doesn't work, they drag me along repeating techniques that don't help and this has cost me a fortune these past two years. Dr. Carter and his team have been great listeners and have really been targeting what I feel is my main source of pain. I appreciate their continued persistence and understanding on this. I really want my life back and hope it can happen in the not too distant future. I feel I'm in the best hands, literally!

-- Stephen B

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