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I had a great experience with carter physiotherapy. I was referred to them by my physical therapist in Lubbock,Tx . After doing some research, I drove all the way to Austin and I am very glad I did. Over the past 3 years I've had Achilles and hip surgery which has created constant back pain. I personally worked with Ben. He took interest in my injury history and asked numerous questions about the previous treatments I have tried. We talked for almost an hour before we got started with any therapy . I appreciated this because most doctors and therapists I had previously seen took no interest in what I had to say. Once we got started with hands on therapy, I could immediately tell that this was a unique style of treatment. We did an assessment of strength tests on my affected areas and located which muscles and groups needed attention. After doing that, I laid back and let Ben do his magic. I did a 2 hour session and could feel results as soon as we finished, these results held up the next day and allowed me to move forward in my rehab and physical training.

-- Blake C

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