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I had an amazing experience with Dr. Ben Shook. I saw him to get a video running analysis. I am 38 and very active. In college as a hobby, I ran. Then graduate school, career and family became my priorities, and exercise took a backseat. About a year and a half ago, I started running again around Austin. It was a tough start just getting my endurance up and getting adjusted to the heat...and dealing with shin splints. Once I was able to run several miles and recovered from the shin splints with ice, stretching and resting, I was getting awful pain in my right knee and left ankle. I was about to give up on running, but then I found Ben. He did a video run analysis on me, and discussed the results right after the analysis. He noticed that I was striking the ground without enough knee flexion and now that it has been corrected, the pain is gone. Honestly, I am somewhat self-conscious and couldn't stand the idea of someone videoing and analyzing me. Ben made the experience very comfortable and established the objective to help me improve my running posture to eliminate the pain. I highly recommend Ben for run analysis, hands on physical therapy and dry needling.

-- Ryan C

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