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What a cool experience! I wasn't really sure what to expect and honestly was a little bit nervous that someone was going to want to change how I have been running for years. Immediately I felt comfortable with Ben, he was friendly and listened to what I had to say about my running history and goals. His initial data gathering was very thorough and what I really liked was that he was very focused on what I wanted for my running goals. Ben's approach of fixing issues before they begin by fixing form just makes sense. All levels of runners could benefit from this service.

I really enjoyed the very detailed video analysis of my form. Ben pointed out a lot things that were happening during my stride that I had never really noticed or thought about before such as how to push off with my first and second toe, and also about how hamstring engagement can affect form. Overall I was really happy to see that I didn't really need to change anything, and based on a history free of running injuries, this confirmed that. But, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and I fully believe that this could improve the longevity and enjoyment of running for all types of runners. Once my wife has her baby and picks up her mileage again she will be coming in for an analysis!

-- Nick S

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