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I've been seeing Ben at Carter PT every other week for about 5 months. I've had ongoing, significant pain and discomfort with my shoulder, neck and back for over 3 years. I had been to other PT's, tried Airrosti, got massages – nothing has been nearly as helpful as my time with Ben. I feel he actually listens to me and really cares about me as a patient. He takes a holistic approach – examining and working with the entire body since everything is so interconnected. He also helps to identify bad habits in day-to-day life, and form a plan to correct these to eventually stop these recurring pains from persisting or returning. Each session is a totally personalized and hands on experience. He spends most of the hour long session doing manual therapy and will give a few meaningful exercises for you to do on your own, without overwhelming you with a laundry list of them.

After trying multiple Physical Therapy places that accepted my insurance and having negative to incredibly negative experiences at each of them (30 short minutes of people so obviously checked out, attention divided, giving me some exercise worksheets and sending me on my way, etc), I decided I'd go see a PT that doesn't accept insurance in hopes that I'd get better care. Best decision ever. This is the first time in 3 years that I feel like I have an understanding what's going on in my body and what we're doing to solve the problem. After 5 months my pain has significantly decreased and I'm continuing to chip away at it with Ben.

-- Sarah H

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