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I've been seeing Ben at Carter PT every other week for about 5 months. I've had ongoing, significant pain and discomfort with my shoulder, neck and back for over 3 years. I had been to other PT's, tried Airrosti, got massages – nothing has been nearly as helpful as my time with Ben. I feel he actu... See More


Husband went to Carter Physiotherapy and felt a lot better. I wish I had gone in earlier! Ben Shook is the best! Super friendly, knowledgeable and helping me feel so much better in a shorter time than I thought possible. Mary is a ray of sunshine right when you step in the door. She makes everything... See More


Wow. There are not enough superlatives in the dictionary for me to describe what I think of Carter Physiotherapy. You are nothing short of awesome. I can’t believe how long I struggled (pretty sure it was close to 3 years) to figure out what was wrong with my leg (and, gosh, how many awful drugs I... See More


What a cool experience! I wasn't really sure what to expect and honestly was a little bit nervous that someone was going to want to change how I have been running for years. Immediately I felt comfortable with Ben, he was friendly and listened to what I had to say about my running history and goals... See More


It is my pleasure to write a review about Jarod Carter at Carter Physiotherapy. I have been Jarod Carter's client for around 6 weeks.I was referred to Jarod from a highly respected doctor in my hometown of Austin , Texas. I have a injury of unknown etiology or I have no clue how I injured myself,b... See More


I sprained my ankle badly in February this year, and received almost no physical therapy guidance until I saw Jarod in June. I was still not able to run on it and he even said it was one of the worst sprains he had seen. After two sessions with him I was able to start running and after four I was co... See More


I really enjoy my experience at Carter Physiotherapy. The results were great and happened a lot faster than I anticipated. I was really impressed with Dr. Carter's expertise.... See More


I had an amazing experience with Dr. Ben Shook. I saw him to get a video running analysis. I am 38 and very active. In college as a hobby, I ran. Then graduate school, career and family became my priorities, and exercise took a backseat. About a year and a half ago, I started running again aroun... See More


I worked with Ben Shook and we focused on using stretches and dry needling to alleviate my chronic low back pain. After struggling to find ways to help with my pain, it was a lifesaver to find Ben who truly cares and wants to make a positive change! Thanks Ben, I feel great!... See More


I had a great experience with carter physiotherapy. I was referred to them by my physical therapist in Lubbock,Tx . After doing some research, I drove all the way to Austin and I am very glad I did. Over the past 3 years I've had Achilles and hip surgery which has created constant back pain. I perso... See More


Great experience with Ben and Jerod both! 3 months into marathon training my hip flexor area absolutely blew up. Ben very helpful, getting me back to training. But an important note - there is no 'quick fix' For these types of injuries. Ben good at explaining the function of each muscle and ma... See More


I'm grateful to Jarod for healing in 1 month a shoulder injury that had persisted for 9 months despite multiple efforts at treatment. I appreciated his daily exercises for me, which were demonstrated clearly and moved my progress along speedily. Jarod also worked skillfully on my chronic TMJ issue... See More

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