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I researched every physician in the area that does hand surgery for carpal tunnel. I chose Dr. Jurbala because he offers a unique approach to solving carpal tunnel problems without cutting up the entire hand like some surgeons do. One told me I would be wearing a cast for six months...I put off getting help with my problem really for too long of a time because a solution like that seemed too extreme. There had to be a better way and there was when I discovered Dr. Jurbala. He corrected the carpal tunnel and trigger finger problem on my right hand. I have gradually gotten back feeling and the fingers are less numb than they were a year ago. Recently I had surgery on the left hand. After a month I do not have the severe pain but I do have residual numbness and tingling in the finger tips because I waited too long to get the procedure. My third finger had developed a trigger finger condition but that has improved also. I know that if I have trouble with that Dr. Jurbala can correct it like he did for the right hand. He makes the patient as comfortable as possible with big, soft chair and interesting conversation. The surgery is over quickly. I had little or no pain. All was healed well within two weeks (actually before that but I followed orders not to soak the hand until that time.) So happy I did this procedure with Dr. Jurbala and appreciate his thinking outside the box to develop it for patients. One woman I know recently had carpal tunnel correction and she was in much pain with a slit down the the middle of her hand, told it would take months to heal and she was wearing a huge bandage that looked like a boxer's glove. I came home with a small bandage that in a short time was replaced by a bandaid. Wow. What a difference!! I hope Dr. Jurbala is blessed for his innovative work within the medical model, because he blesses his patients with his unique procedure that that IS a blessing! The office staff are kind and facilitative. He demonstrates compassion and concern. A person can't ask for more!

-- Janet W

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