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This was a five star experience from the first phone call to now... about 17 days post surgery. I did both hands at the same time and my numbness went away the first day. I had gotten the runaraound for 4 1/2 months from Cleveland Clinic ; getting referred back and forth from dr to dr who simply prescribed different drugs to cover up the issue( never worked) instead of solving the problem. After a referral to a neurosurgeon in their Group who, after a month and a half, I still never saw nor could get a surgery date from- I became very frustrated. Two professionals that I worked with told me of their great results with Carpal Tunnel Express. I called and within 15 minutes Rainee had given me the insurance approval, out of pocket expense, and 2 surgery dates- 1 of which was an opening the next day.... I opted for the other but was impressed to say the least. I had; shortly before calling, had a wellness checkup. They told me my liver enzymes had gone up and suggested I cut down on alcohol consumption. Well, they never mentioned the 4 different drugs they’ve been pumping into me the past 4 months creating another issue while still suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. I got the bilateral surgery and have recovered wonderfully. It is a surgery,so having irritation at the incision site was inevitable.. I will take that over the numbness and pain any day. The ability to drive and return to work right away was great. The staff was excellent and bedside manner of Dr. Jurbala was as good as it gets. First class experience with immediate results. In conclusion, if you want to be run around and referred all over without results - use the big
conglomerate hospitals..they make $ by putting you thru the circle of referrals and rarely or never actually fix the problem. If you want results- use Carpal Tunnel Express!! I have an extensive medical background and upon talking to the doc as he was performing the surgeries; we have a lot in common theoretically about healthcare and how it is mis-managed these days at the expense of the patient more times than not. Dr. Jurbala has cut thru all of the bureaucratic BS by offering these “in house” procedures making it a win- win- win for insurance, dr, and most importantly- you - the patient! Words cannot express the gratitude I have towards them and what they have created for getting us out of pain.
I hope he opens these offices nationwide as everyone needs to know this exists!! Love to be a part of the big picture of helping as many as possible. Make the call you will not regret it.

-- Craig O

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