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My name is Mike Carter and I live in the Tampa Bay area. I am 71 and on no meds and in pretty good shape especially for my age. I have always loved sports and play golf as often as I can. A few years back, I started having some trigger finger issues in the middle fingers of both my hands. It got worse with continued use and became painful. I did some research and came across Dr. Jurbala. His story is amazing. Everything you read about his success is true! The tool he invented really works. There is no doubt that his method of permanently correcting trigger finger is the best possible way to go. It is basically painless during the procedure. It is minimally invasive and virtually no after scarring. There is some soreness initially but much less than there would be with the traditional type of surgery. The healing process is rather quick compared to the more invasive normal way of surgery. I had both my middle fingers done by Dr. Jurbala August 9th of this year. Medicare covered everything except the cost of the tool. That was only $199 to me since I had both fingers done on the same day. It only took a few months to totally heal. There were no big bandages needed. A couple of band-aids were all that was needed. I was able to move my fingers like normal right after the procedure. Every day the soreness got less and less. I’m back to normal with no pain and full use of my fingers. You can’t see any scars and it is like I never had the problem. I’m back fully active and playing golf again. I couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend to anyone with a trigger finger problem to go to Dr. Jurbala and let him take care of the problem permanently. It would be worth traveling to go to him even though you might live out of the Tampa Bay area. You won’t be sorry you did. In my opinion, I think Dr. Jurbala is without a doubt the best expert there is anywhere on trigger finger!

-- Michael C

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