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Dr. Jurbala is the BEST! I recently had my carpal tunnel surgery performed by Dr. Jurbala, and let me just first say this: if you have been experiencing lack of sleep, severe and constant pain in your hands and sometimes shooting pains up your arms, numbness in your fingers and fingertips accompanied by tingling pains, or, in other words, if you need carpal tunnel surgery, do not wait any longer--DEFINITELY go visit Dr. Jurbala now. Dr. Jurbala performed my surgery exactly two weeks ago today, and here I am already typing this comfortably!

The facility is super clean and welcoming. The staff all the way from the front desk administration (Belinda) through the nurses, specifically Mariah, are professional, smart, informative, and kind. They make the entire process very easy—all the way from setting the appointment, consultation, and filling out forms, to especially discharge information and after-care. Not to mention the extent to which Dr. Jurbala’s compassionate approach and amazing bedside manner made the overall experience very comfortable; he is a great listener, too. Dr. Jurbala’s surgical skill and knowledge of this newer Tunnel Tome procedure are second to none—he is extraordinarily proficient and super efficient. The incision for each hand that Dr. Jurbala makes are artfully small, and he beautifully sutures the wounds—to the point where, by comparison, a minor paper cut would look worse.

After the Ultra-Sound, the actual surgery itself only takes a few minutes. Having Dr. Jurbala fix your carpal tunnel will happily eliminate the need for an anesthesiologist, reduce your heal-time, and reduce the amount of time you would otherwise, in the traditional sense, have to spend in a hospital—which will all consequently and quite obviously reduce your cost significantly.

Most of all, since the use of one’s hands encompass almost everything one does throughout the day—especially at one’s job—the peace of mind I now experience is invaluable: knowing that I can now sleep soundly at night, lie down naturally for a nap, and eventually return to work with full use of my hands so I can finally perform my job’s duties without carpel tunnel syndrome painfully hampering my ability to do so, are all relieving beyond expression. I will be eternally grateful for Dr. Jurbala's service. He is almost like some sort of Wizard from the scientific future who can with a few waves of his surgical instruments, perform a medical marvel by completely reversing the miserable pains associated with CTS. Orthopedic surgeons from around the country ought to be lining up at this moment to ask Dr. Jurbala to teach them his method of carpel tunnel repair.

Thank you to Dr. Jurbala and his staff! Without hesitation, I recommend Dr. Jurbala and his Office to anybody in need of alleviation from CTS.


-- Melissa B

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