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To Start, the information provided was 100% accurate and the personnel are friendly. Once arriving at the facility, I was greeted in a very friendly manor, very efficient with the paperwork, and punctual as for the time to be taken back. The backoffice personnel were also very friendly, a big plus... See More


Let me begin by telling you I had the surgery on both hands 3 months ago. My symptoms began years ago. I lived with the discomfort of carpal tunnel because I didn't want to stop working and stop sports. I had steroid injections twice and used splints at night and during the day at times. I tried asp... See More


Dr. Jurbala helped with dual carpal tunnel procedures in the fall of 2017 and then with a case of trigger thumb in the spring of 2018. Both experiences were absolutely amazing. Truly have never been through such pleasant "medical" experiences anywhere else. I could ramble on, but the bottom line ... See More


You have my medical records which shows my hand surgeries are quite extensive. My surgeon is excellent. Trigger finger surgery requiries the same prep as any other surgery. Healing is lengthy. I am so glad I found Dr jurbala at the carpal tunnel express. I had three trigger fingers repaired without ... See More


even though this is a surgical procedure the staff and dr maybe it calming and upbeat. the dr was quick and efficient but didnt rush you or make ypu feel like your just a number..anyone with carpal tunnel i would highly suggest looking into the procedure... See More


I traveled from Jax FL. It was an easy process. I was in and out within a couple hours. The staff was really good-helpful, made sure I was comfortable, made it all easy! The surgery was quick and did not hurt. My wife was able to sit in with me. Recovery has been pretty good. No issues! I wo... See More


My experience with Dr. Jurbala and his staff was great! Had surgery on both hands Friday morning and returned to work today. Have had minimal post op pain. If you need carpal tunnel surgery, this is the way to go! Save time and money! ... See More


I have to admit I was skeptical and nervous about this whole process. But I got to the point in my life where I choose to continue to live with the pain or find a remedy. I did it all. Physical therapy, steroid shots, anti-inflammatory and even acupuncture. All gave me temporary relief.
I actually... See More


I suffered from trigger finger pain on 5
fingers for 3 years. Dr. Jurbala fixed them in one session without having major cuts and long recuperating time. I was amassed how quickly I was able to use both hands, about 2 days I almost forgot I had it done. I was told by other surgeons that I would have... See More


I am so glad that my hands was taken care if by these wonderful ,experienced medical group
Dr. J and his girl
Are great knowledgeable experienced
I am day 6 after my surgery and my hands look and feel great
Doing the exercises is the key to getting better fast.
I recommend Dr.J and his staff

Linda ... See More


All I can say is... WOW! What a great experience! Doc Jurbala runs a first class joint. I had Carpal Tunnel Surgery done on both hands, and drove myself home to Clearwater. Great Friendly and caring staff. I left there knowing everyone on a first name basis. By the second night after surgery I was s... See More


Dr J is great. Had both hands fixed the same day! I can use chopsticks again and write without a ton of pain. The diagnosis part was cool. He showed and explained the different problems in each wrist before slicing and dicing. ... See More


I had a superb experience with Carpal Tunnel Express. I loved the fact that everything from diagnosis to treatment could all be done in 1 visit. I had the carpal tunnel procedure done to my right wrist last week and was back to work as a Registered Nurse in 4 days. Amazing!! The procedure was qu... See More


The staff at Carpal Tunnel Express War very friendly and thorough. I could not be happier with the service and the procedure and I received. I am no longer in excruciating pain! Thanking to the Doctor Who take care of it and I look forward to getting my other hand done.... See More


Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Dr. Jurbala and his staff. We live in a world where compassion is rarely seen. Dr. Jurbala and his staff understand pain, and fear of pain. Not only did I experience minimal pain during the surgery; but I was back to work four days after the surgery. I c... See More


The service and Care were fantastic. The doctor and staff were most professional. They made sure I was comfortable and the procedure was actually quite simple.... See More




My surgeon Dr Fajalou is absolutely amazing ! The only bad thing I have to say, is I wish I would have had the surgeon sooner!! ... See More


I've been dealing with carpal tunnel pain in both hands for years. I was always told that the surgery didn't work, so I dealt with the pain. I can tell you it does work, after almost 3 months I am pain free. It does take a little while to regain the strength in your hands and being able to do everyt... See More


Carpal tunnel express, is the place to fix your carpal tunnel problem. I had both hands done, in a few hours. Most doctors only do one hand at a time, then you have to come back in a few weeks again. The staff and surgeon were very professional through the whole time I was there.
I even drove home 1... See More

Mayling A. Fernandez Recommends Carpal Tunnel Express

We traveled from Jax FL for my husband to have bilateral carpal tunnel surgery. It was an easy process. We were in and out within a couple hours. The staff was really good-helpful, made sure My husband was comfortable, made it all easy! The surgery was quick. I was able to sit in with my husband. Recovery has been pretty good. No issues! I would definitely recommend this surgery to anyone! Dr. Jarbal is definitely an amazing doctor! Thank you for helping my husband out! We would definitely recommend this place!

6 days ago
Caroline Shaw Recommends Carpal Tunnel Express

I’ve suffered with carpal tunnel for at least 20years , since having a bad motorcycle accident , plus my work involves repetition. I had my left hand operated on in UK and was quite a bad experience , the numbing injection (which put me off having the right hand done for the last ten years) and recovery ,with several stitches over an incision size of 1.5 inches, was a lot longer. This is why I chose Carpal tunnel express. I am very nervous with injections, so probably made it out to be worse than it was, but having the nurse there with vibration tool on my wrist , did help somewhat with my fear & the doctor was telling me what I would feel as he was doing it. I’m not going to lie, it was uncomfortable. But for the sake of less than a minute , I’m now 1 week in and this is how my hand looks. No stitches. The op itself you only feel your fingers being pulled. Then after , you need to hold your hand up and excerise gently every 15 minutes. I was able to drive 3hrs home, but be aware, if you go by yourself, your hand is numbed out all day. My hand is still sore, but I can close it & only needed 2 painkillers they prescribed me for first 2 nights. Very easy to deal with, great care given & I believe they check up on you after a couple of weeks. I’m curious to see if I’ll sleep throughout the nights once I go back to work next week , which is very physical- but since the op (excluding the first 2 nights) I have slept straight through with no numbness or painful pins and needles in my hand . Thank you Carpal Tunnel Express 👍🏽 I’ll keep you updated

6 days ago
David Hernandez Recommends Carpal Tunnel Express

I have to admit I was skeptical and nervous about this whole process. But I got to the point in my life where I choose to continue to live with the pain or find a remedy. I did it all. Physical therapy, steroid shots, anti-inflammatory and even acupuncture. All gave me temporary relief. I actually got an email from someone at My Doctor’s office referring me to Dr Jurbala. I went on his site and several other sites researching and reading reviews. I then decided to call and make an appointment. I can tell you that my experience at the office was great. I was super nervous but the staff made me feel at ease. They were very friendly and professional. Dr Jurbala explained everything to me and actually showed me where my problem was. The worst part of the procedure was the injection to numb the area which wasn’t bad. I did not feel a thing after that and it literally took about 20 minutes for both hands. I am on my fourth day and I can honestly say that all tingling, pain and numbness is gone. I only feel sore where the incision was made. My procedure was on a Friday and I was back to work Monday with no issues. I highly recommend Dr Jurbala and his staff. I wish he could do something about my back!!!!!!

2 weeks ago
Crystal Dotson Recommends Carpal Tunnel Express

I recommend the capital tunnel surgery, and the tennis elbow surgery.

3 weeks ago
Tonya Revis Recommends Carpal Tunnel Express

I have had Carpel Tunnel Syndrome for nearly 8 years. Too afraid of traditional surgery that I had heard about. I am on day 3 out of my procedure with Dr. Jurbala and I already have a lot of movement in my hands with pain, itching or numbness. I can sleep with out my hand braces at night and actually sleep. The office is very organized, very clean, very professional and completely prepared for all my questions! Can’t wait to see how the next couple of weeks will go! Thank you hand team!!

3 weeks ago
Don Salo Recommends Carpal Tunnel Express

Wow! had surgery Thursday afternoon and was playing guitar Friday morning! Can't believe the difference. The relief! Some pain associated with the procedure but that is it! Thanks Dr. J

4 weeks ago
Dee Lucas Recommends Carpal Tunnel Express

Amazing experience. The staff was friendly and genuinely cared about our comfort. My friend and I drove from SC to both have the bilateral Carpal Tunnel procedure. I was able to drive back to out AirBnB after the surgery. I can’t say enough about the efficiency and care that Dr. Jurbala and his team provided. I would highly recommend them for Carpal Tunnel surgery!

1 month ago
Ken Majors Recommends Carpal Tunnel Express

Very quick,effecient and cost effective.

2 months ago
Bill Mulvaney Recommends Carpal Tunnel Express

I’m a Firefighter/ Paramedic so i can be strict with recommendations as far as Doctors but What an easy and affordable solution... I’m still amazed how smooth and easy it all went. Would recommend to anyone, couldn’t even imagine why someone wouldn’t want this easy fix. DR IS VERY SKILLED, and has come up with an awesome tool and way to perform surgery with no scar and easy awake procedure. It’s only been 3 weeks and my tiny opening is already gone. Not only is the Doctor great the staff makes you feel very welcomed and like you’re just part of the family. Thank you to all -- William M

3 months ago
Randy Moore Recommends Carpal Tunnel Express

I’ve had numbness and severe pain at night in both hands sometimes even with the wrist guards on. I researched the internet for the least invasive and minimal recovery time. I found Carpel Tunnel Express read everything I could find about them and read and watched every review not just on their website but other review sites as well. Made my appointment and had the procedure done 4 days ago. No pain, minimal swelling which is gone now. The staff is amazing, Dr Jurbala explains everything. I would recommend them to anyone with Carpel Tunnel. I’m so glad I found them. He is the only Doctor in the U.S. that does this procedure. My hands feel great!! -- Randy M

3 months ago
Cynthia Fabian Recommends Carpal Tunnel Express

The staff and doctor were very professional and caring. It was worth the drive from Brandon to Lakeland. Would definitely recommend them to everyone

3 months ago
John Wyckoff gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

Seems to have worked well, tips of my fingers still a little numb but it’s been less than a week. I’m very pleased so far! -- John W

4 months ago
Bernadine Jore Recommends Carpal Tunnel Express

EXCEPTIONAL experience, from Railey at the front desk, to then Kim the M.A., later Mariah the R.N., n finally Dr. Jurbala!! Professional, personable, proficient, made me feel at ease. Each one very competent in their duties. I felt very comfortable, and pain-free throughout my carpal tunnel surgery, despite my fear of needles. Each step was explained in easy to understand detail by Dr. Jurbala, which I really appreciated. Mariah was quick to distract me with humor, and lighthearted conversation when she saw me look down at my hand during the procedure. My husband was allowed to sit in the room with me, from start to finish which was a great comfort. I'm excited to schedule the same procedure for my other hand ASAP. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR. JURBALA!! PROFESSIONAL, COMPETANT, FAST, N VERY, VERY AFFORDABLE!! -- Bernadine J

4 months ago
Ericka Carter Recommends Carpal Tunnel Express

Staff is very friendly... very professional.... Procedure went well -- Ericka Y

4 months ago
Jennifer Vazquez gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

Had surgery yesterday, last night is the first night I haven't woke up in pain since March! Although the surgery site is sore, my carpal symptoms are gone. Dr. Jurbala and his staff were amazing, professional and comforting. I am kicking myself for wait in my so long to take care of this!

5 months ago
Samantha Bandstra Recommends Carpal Tunnel Express

I am at day 5 from having both hands for carpal tunnel and 5 trigger fingers (3 on the right hand and two on the left hand) repaired by Dr. Jurbala in Lakeland FL; I am so happy that I chose Dr. Jurbala even though it was not in my insurance coverage area; I was determined to get the surgery done by Dr. Jurbala! On the day of my surgery I started moving my fingers and hands and today am able to do almost anything, I am so very happy for deciding to go to Carpal Tunnel Express! The staff is amazing and very caring! I had another orthopedic surgeon tell me he could only fix one hand and one trigger finger, then come back and have two fingers done, then back for other hand and one finger, then back a fourth time for the last finger....also two week recovery for each surgery and being put to sleep for each! And the worst part was I would not be allowed to take any medicine 2 weeks prior to each surgery! Wow right? Even though I only take meds for arthritis I wasn't very happy with that! Dr. Jurbala does this procedure while you are awake and did both hands and all 5 fingers in about an hour or so! No restrictions on meds or food intake. I will have to say this has been the best experience with surgery ever! I highly recommend this to Anyone with carpal tunnel or trigger fingers. Thank you Dr. Jurbala and your amazing staff! -- Samantha B

6 months ago
Terry Simpson gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience!! The staff was very courteous and thorough throughout the process. I was very impressed with how everything they explained happened exactly as indicated. I’ve already made a recommendation to friends and family. Great job! -- Terry S

6 months ago
Bob Smith gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

I recommend this surgery to anyone with carpal tunnel, it was fast and no pain back to work on 2nd day after the procedure.

7 months ago
Judy Hubbard Albano gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 4 star review

Service was good. Wait time was longer than I expected. Results are pending but so far, good.

8 months ago
Heliany Guimaraes gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

Hi my name is Heliany Pessolano, and I have my carpal tunnel surgery in bolt hand + trigger thumb in my right hand last Friday, junho 08, 2018. Dr Jurbala is a very nice and great doctor, very sweet, kind! Wish all doctor is like him! And, he have a great time work with him! Thank you very much dr Jurbala! No more pain, no more!! I recommend him! ����

8 months ago
Tracy Monteleone gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

There's so much to say ... Office staff terrific! Nursing staff , wonderful! Doctor J is one of the most kind, compassionate doctors I've ever met! And then the results---incredible ! No more numbness or waking up in the middle of the night numb. Tingling is gone! Thanks soo much!

8 months ago
Danielle Minardi Wright gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

I requested an appointment online and I got a response right away. As soon as my insurance was verified, I got an appointment right away and thank God for that because my hand was in so much pain. The staff was very pleasant and helpful. The doctor was very caring and made sure I was comfortable. The actual procedure did not take long at all and the pain I was feeling instantly went away. I would definitely return to get my other hand if need be.

8 months ago
Carinda Stout gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

The office staff was professional and outgoing. Dr. Jubala thoroughly explained the results of his evaluation and every step of the procedure to my husband. We had a very pleasant experience.

9 months ago
Bobby Conner gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

My experience with Carpal Tunnel Express has been amazing. Even though I'm not fully recovered and still healing, I had immediate relief from my symptoms. No more tingling and numbness, no more sleepless nights..... Dr. J and his team are the best. -- ROBERT

10 months ago

After experiencing symptoms on and off for over 30 years, due to a recent job change working with my hands my condition quickly worsened. In an effort to... more

Micheill E. gave Brian Jurbala, MD - Carpal Tunnel Express a 4 star review

--- 1 day after --- (7/17/2014) Had my trigger finger fixed yesterday. Normally this is a somewhat invasive surgery with at least 2 weeks of downtime and... more

Kevin D. gave Brian Jurbala, MD - Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

I'm extremely happy with the whole process and the results! I'm from NYC but was working in Miami when my trigger thumb problem started and very quickly was... more

Nora A. gave Brian Jurbala, MD - Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

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