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Absolutely amazing experience!! I’ve been dealing with this for over three years now, and suffering with it as of the last several months. Was seeing a traditional hand doctor for a year and a half now and he just kept telling me that I needed traditional surgery with no other options at four to $6000 and 4 to 6 weeks without having the use of my hand and I couldn’t afford that time off of work and that’s when I found carpal tunnel express. The pain got so unbearable and I had to do some thing and after reading all of his reviews and talking to his staff on the phone I immediately made my appointment and could not be happier. As I am writing this review it has been exactly one week since my surgery and I had it on a Friday and I was actually able to do light work starting on Monday and after seven days my small incision has almost healed over and I have so much relief in my hand. It sickens me that other doctors want so much money for traditional surgery when this is available because a lot of people can’t afford $6000 in six weeks off of work when I paid a fraction of that price and within four or five days I was able to have use of my hand. The office was immaculate, the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, and the doctor was very professional and friendly as well. If you’re reading this review do yourself a favor and get the surgery from carpal tunnel express as soon as possible, I spent the past year and a half dealing with doctors visits and Cortizone shots and trying all the exercises and the carpal tunnel does not go away and I spent over $2000 trying to just ease the pain and nothing works except getting the surgery and this is about as easy as can be.

-- Michael S

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