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This was my second experience having this express procedure done with Carpal Tunnel Express and, once again, I had a great experience with them and would highly recommend them to anyone suffering from carpal tunnel pain.

For the record, this is my second surgery of the same hand, having had a stand... See More

Having Dr. Jarbala complete my carpal tunnel & cubital tunnel procedures was stress free, quick, & pain free. I wish I'd known about him sooner.
I had been dealing w/another doctor that was on my plan for 3+ mths. My concerns weren't addressed & felt they were trying to push me into the surgery w/... See More

This doctor is amazing! I am so relieved of pain, numbness and sleepless night. Quick recovery!! He is Amazing!! The staff is incredibly professional and caring!
He has performed the carpal tunnel on both hands and recently performed a trigger finger. I travel 90 miles one way, and appreciate his ex... See More

Had a great experience with Dr Jurbala and the staff for my carpal tunnel surgeries to both hands. Very nice, professional office. They got me right in on time. Very thorough case history. The diagnostic ultrasound was very informative - you can actually see how much your nerves are swollen and entr... See More

I really appreciate Carpal Tunnel Express for the vital, restorative procedures they offer! My hands are back! The numbness, tingling and pain are gone - that’s a huge WOW for me. If you, dear reader, and considering this procedure, you’ve come to the right place! The frustration and limita... See More

This was a five star experience from the first phone call to now... about 17 days post surgery. I did both hands at the same time and my numbness went away the first day. I had gotten the runaraound for 4 1/2 months from Cleveland Clinic ; getting referred back and forth from dr to dr who simply pre... See More

I was nervous about having the procedure on my hands done. All the staff were very professional and made me feel at ease. Dr. J was the best. Having had only one outpatient procedure done before (21 years ago) I was not looking forward to this at all. Dr. J took time to explain everything to me and ... See More


Jeff is very excited to recommend Carpal Tunnel Express

Jeff J

Super happy with my procedure and my recovery!


My Name is Scott, and I was living with carpal tunnel for approximately 6yrs. What started out as pain from time to time, turned into full blown extreme pain when I went to bed at night. I would sleep forpo


I found that Carpal Tunnel Express (CTE) did what they said they would do, release my carpal tunnel entrapment and my cubital tunnel entrapment. I found that my waiting time was extensive; our appointment was for 11:00 am, but my procedure did not start until shortly after 4:00 pm. Th and e proced... See More


Scott Highly Recommends Carpal Tunnel Express to their friends & family!

Scott R

I got the help that I was looking for. I feel that God guide me there because after the surgery I feel back myself I will ever thank them for everything God bless all you thanks 🙏👍😊


Elizabeth Strongly Recommends Carpal Tunnel Express

Elizabeth E

So far I have had four procedures done by the most wonderful Doctor (Dr Jurbala) I have ever met. He listens to your problems, then examines you and decides how to make you better. This is futuristic medicine, without a doubt. I am very impressed with all the people who work with him, and the comfor... See More


Carpal Tunnel Express was an easy way to help stop my pain. Best because they did not need to put me to sleep to do the surgery. Recovery was very short.


Danny is very excited to recommend Carpal Tunnel Express

Danny W

Corlet Highly Recommends Carpal Tunnel Express to their friends & family!

Corlet W

This is the second time in 3 years that I've driven 11 hours round trip to see Dr. Jurbala. I am a physician and the orthopedic surgeons I know would only do one carpal tunnel surgery at a time in the OR and I would have had to wear a splint for 3 weeks. I went to see Dr. Jurbala in 2019 for bilater... See More

Angela Padgett

Dr. Jurbala was great! I am terrified of needles and having so much pain in both hands I was scared
He actually hypnotized me which I didn't believe in but I was so relaxed I felt myself dozing off. He made me feel so relaxed and I didn't feel anything ! I work in a hospital, im recommending it to ... See More


Larry Strongly Recommends Carpal Tunnel Express

Larry S

They were nice and made me feel comfortable and calm. Dr. Jurbala explains everything fully and the staff very friendly.


I had carplal tunnel in both hands so I used google to find a doctor. I saw one that caught my eye. Even though it was 100 miles from my home. After reading about Carpal Tunnel Express I knew that it was where I was going to make an appointment. The only minor pain I felt was when the doctor gave m... See More

Pam Barnes

This was a very nice experience, friendly staff, painless procedure, and super fast recovery.

It is not often that one can have a surgical experience that allows for feelings of comfort and greatly reduced anaxity. It is not often that one would... more

Howard P. gave Brian Jurbala, MD - Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

Really 4.5 Stars would be more accurate. I have waited a week to give a review so I could give a more accurate review. I had double carpal tunnel surgery... more

Debbie G. gave Brian Jurbala, MD - Carpal Tunnel Express a 4 star review

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