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My name is Mike Carter and I live in the Tampa Bay area. I am 71 and on no meds and in pretty good shape especially for my age. I have always loved sports and play golf as often as I can. A few years back, I started having some trigger finger issues in the middle fingers of both my hands. It got wor... See More


Best decision I made i have been suffering with carpal tunnel for quite some time now I kept avoiding doing anything because I heard the recovery time was long i found dr jurbala online his recovery time was just a couple days and reviews were so good i decided it was time to get it done. Best decision bsck to work in 5 days no limitation and now scheduled other had for next week its nice that my fixed hand isnt asleep all night long....

Karen Walkrr gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star Review on Google

I had a trigger finger release done on three fingers. It was painless and everything went exactly has I was told. I would recommend if anyone is suffering with trigger fingers that you don't hesitate to come to see Dr. Jurbala. Run don't walk as fast as you can for relief of the pain associated with... See More


I was pleased with the staff and had all my questions answered before the procedures.
It has been 3 days and following the directions as instructed. Minimal amount of pain and I returned to work today.


Pain was gone from carpal Tunnel and procedure oIn subsided in 36 hours. Still tender


Great Dr. I got my carpal tunnel surgery back in July, and since the surgery my symptoms are gone completely, thanks to this amazing Dr Jurbala, and the staff was very nice too! I just had to go back for a trigger finger in my pinky last week,everything went well!


I guess I’ll start out by saying before I found the carpal tunnel express The numbness and pain in my right hand was unbearable I couldn’t use a pair of scissors I could write with a pen basically useless.
I looked them up online filled out the questionnaire and asked for a callback less than ... See More


It has been six days since my surgery and so far I am extremely pleased. 95% of the tingling and numbness is gone. My surgical site is healing nicely. Still have some pain in my hand when I lean on it but it subsides a little more each day.

All in all it has gone just the way Dr Jurbala and h... See More


They have revolutionized the way Healthcare is delivered in a medical office. You did not have to give your birthdate 14 times during the process of the appointment. They had the appropriate information and made it very easy for the intake process. They truly cared for you and didn’t make you feel like you were an insurance reporting robot....

Luke Classen recommends Carpal Tunnel Express on Facebook

There are a lot of people talking about changing the healthcare system, but carpal tunnel Express is already doing that! it was a total pleasant experience and one that I had not encountered in a medical office for sometime. They’re efficient organized and knew exactly what they needed to do. I w... See More

Jimmy Randolph gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star Rating on Google

Dr. Jurbala and the staff did a awesome job. Anyone who has Carpal needs to go see them. The price is reasonable and the surgery was awesome....

Shelly Wall recommends Carpal Tunnel Express on Facebook

The procedure was quick and painless had no pain afterwards either Never needed any pain medication I am now 5 days out the slight pain that I had is gone I still have tingling and numbness in my fingers but I have had capel tunnel syndrome for over 10 years so expect it to take longer for nerve t... See More


I just want to Thank the staff and Dr. Jurbala for helping me feel comfortable for being in there office. I have carpal tunnel for 17 yrs. Now I'm feeling alot better after the surgery on both hands. Thank you
❤ Michelle


I was pleasantly surprised to find out about the Trigger tone procedure offered by Dr Brian Jurbala. I was scheduled for surgery with my hand doctor the week before when my husband spotted this much easier and less expensive treatment.
The doctor was very professional, and so far it seems like he ... See More


Love Carpal Tunnel Express!!
Dr. Jurbala and his staff are the best!!
They got me scheduled quick and my trigger thumb procedure was quick and painless. My recovery is going great and getting my strength back to normal.
Thank you!!


I was satisfied with everything I experienced with dr. Jurbala.


My surgery was a huge success! I'm not going to lie, the numbing to prepare for the surgery is painful but the rest is a breeze. I had carpal tunnel express as well as trigger finger release was done one week ago today and the results are amazing. The tiny incisions are almost completely healed and... See More


Both of my hands were a mess, tingling, going numb at night, etc. I’m a dental hygienist, so my hands are a priority with my job. I was thinking I would have to quit my job. I saw Carpal Tunnel Express online and decided to give them a try. I was expecting to be out of my job for months. As it tur... See More


Great experience. Friendly, professional staff. So much better than traditional surgery. I had surgery on Thursday and was back to work on Monday! My symptoms were relieved immediately.


Had bilateral surgery on Friday and was back at my computer keyboard on Monday. I had complete use of my hands after surgery and no pain at night anymore. Dr Jurbala explained the procedure entirely and was amazing. Kim and the rest of the staff were very attentive and extremely pleasant. I wish ha... See More


Happy with results... carpel tunnel both hands, one day!!! Ahhh...

Toni Godwin gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star Review on Google

The process was long however the end results are great!! I love being able to use my hands right away, especially since I had both hands done for carpel tunnel and drove home ... 3 hours. Have totally recommended to everyone I know


I appreciated the communication prior to the procedure, the pricing information and the efficiency at the office with the procedure. I have not experienced any follow up contact to discuss at this point.


I tolerated the procedure well and relied solely on Aleve and extra strength Tylenol for pain relief. I’m one week post op for release of my trigger finger. I’m managing daily activities a bicycling with no problems. This procedure has a faster recovery time then with an big incision used by a different surgeon who released my first trigger finger a few years ago. Hopefully, I won’t need this procedure again, but if I do I will return to Dr Jurbala....

Linda Krippendorf recommends Carpal Tunnel Express on Facebook

Dr. Jurbala and his medical staff are awesome. I had carpal tunnel for many years. Followed by pain numbness, tingling and weakness. I saw Dr. Jurbala in... more

Nancie A. gave Brian Jurbala, MD - Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

From the time I called to the post surgery follow-up, Dr. Jurbala was the ultimate professional. He was more interested in me then he was trying to get my... more

Luke C. gave Brian Jurbala, MD - Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

I couldn't be happier with my experience here! The staff was amazing and so understanding. I had traveled from Georgia all the way to Lakeland to see Dr.... more

Nina C. gave Brian Jurbala, MD - Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

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