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Caroline and Carmen where very efficient, thorough and did such an amazing job! I would recommend Carnation to anyone who needs some home cleaning and the white carnation left in the master bathroom with the business card, class act.... See More


Carnation house cleaning did a fabulous job. on my house I felt so comfortable and at ease. I would highly recommend them.... See More


I'm a huge fan of Team Ironwood! Karen and Sienna are absolutely thorough, thoughtful and such a good team. I enjoy having them clean my home every month. We've been using Carnation Home Cleaning for a couple of years now and I'm SO comfortable with this team. They treat my home as if it were th... See More


Carnation Home Cleaning is the BEST.
The ladies are professional and pay attention to detail.
My home does not have any odor (of cleaners) after they leave. Everything they use is natural without a
chemical odor. I highly recommend Carnation Home Cleaning, Inc. to EVERYONE
... See More


I have had nothing but great results from Carnation Home Cleaning. Karen and Sienna are efficient at what they do. They are always pleasant when i am in the house and the dogs especially enjoy them on cleaning day. They bring treats for the boys and they are excited to see them.
I would recommend C... See More


Carnation Home Cleaning and their Team Ironwood does a fantastic job of keeping my home clean. We started using Carnation Home Cleaning about eight months ago. They always are on time and ready to work. We have them come out once a month and it all starts with the courtesy phone call from Olivia. S... See More


The crew did a fantastic job, as always.... See More


We have had Gina, and her crew for a long time and we are very happy with them! I would give them 5 stars!
LOIS Greenwalt... See More


Love the attention to detail, the thourougness and thoughtfulness that is put into every cleaning!! ... See More


Great good of ladies that work very hard to keep my house clean. Very friendly and reliable. I have the same crew every week and the continue to provide quality service. ... See More


We have used several cleaning services including Mary Maids but your crew is something special. I especially like Carolina-she is a very hard worker

... See More


Caroline and Carmen does such a great job! I love coming home to a sparkling house, they clean spots and places I would never and have never tried. I look forward each month to them doing the dirty work I hate
girl power!!!... See More


Carnation Home Cleaning has been providing me with wonderful service for about 7 years. Once you find a dependable and good working crew you stay. I highly recommend Carnation Home Cleaning for all their good works. ... See More


This is the best cleaning company we have ever used. Carolina and Carmen are the team that come to our home and they take pride in doing a wonderful job every time they come. With very few exceptions (vacation or illness) you can count on the same team, a set time and date for your service and... See More


Carnation Home Cleaning is awesome. You have an amazing staff. I love how the crew always leave something special for you after they are done cleaning. I only needed the service because of my arm which is now healed. However, I will always recommend you to everyone I know. ... See More


Carnation Home Cleaning has been cleaning our home for over six years and we absolutely love their professionalism and expertise. Well usually not home when they are there…their ladies are very trustworthy and we never have to worry about anything. It's so fun coming home to a clean house and ev... See More


The girls do a great job and we are thankful to have them. 😊... See More


Norma and Maria always at their best! In fact Ive had them clean for 3yrs now and think of them as friends. They do an excellent job on our home and I love that I can count on them to show up for the job.... See More


Excellent service. Have been a customer for 5 years and never disappointed. Most of that time has been with the same cleaning crew,but no matter who it's been always a great job. Office staff very friendly and accommodating. If there is an issue, addressed quickly and professionally. Highly recomme... See More


Would love to welcome olivia to the company ..she is a wonderful worker and u will love her to clean ur home... See More


Great cleaning service very focused and thorough. Great customer service and professional associates. My house always looks great after they visit. ... See More


The Carnation Home Cleaning team is amazing! They went above and beyond my expectations and were so friendly and courteous. Thank you for your service.... See More


Xiomara and Cynthia are fantastic! Proffesionsal, friendly , focused, GREAT attention to detail. I would use them again and will highly recommend them :)... See More


They did a fantastic job. My house looks brand new after remodeling made a mess. Woo hoo.... See More


Carnation home cleaning always does a great job. Their teams are always on time, professional and pleasant. I like the fact that they have their own equipment and products, which are not harmful to me or my dogs. I would recommend them to anyone that wants a company who guarantees their cleaning an... See More


So grateful to come home to a clean house! Than you Carnation and team for working with me to make sure everything is just right for me and my family! ... See More


The treat each property as if was there own. Excellent workers and they take pride in their work!... See More

I just used this company for the first time, and I am so greatful. I appreciate that they surpassed my expectations. I felt very comfortable as this was the first service I have ever used. I priced and called other companies that were less then accommodating and pushy, but this staff was great and answered all of my questions. I appreciate the focus on small details, and have never seen my stove so clean without smudge marks. Thank you, and I look forward to using this service.

MEGAN BROWN gave Carnation Home Cleaning Inc a 5 star review

My house has been cleaned by Carnation for 4 or 5 years. Karen and Sienna are an awesome team. Not only does my house get cleaned, but my dog absolutely loves cleaning day. Karen and Sienna go out of their way to make sure I am happy - to the point where they bring treats to keep the dog happy. They literally clean the house top to bottom and the system they have together allows them to be quick and efficient......and Karen and Sienna enjoy working with each other which makes the entire process enjoyable for all involved. I highly recommend Carnation - especially Karen and Sienna!

Joe Jakubicek gave Carnation Home Cleaning Inc a 5 star review

We have had our home cleaned by Carnation home cleaning for about the last 6 months. Team Acacia is our cleaning crew that always goes above and beyond when cleaning our home. It's the little things they do that even our children notice and puts a smile on their faces 😃 They always take time to even place their stuffed animals on their beds very creatively, and our children can't wait to see what they will do the next time! We highly recommend this company for iour cleaning needs!!!

Jennifer Pollman gave Carnation Home Cleaning Inc a 5 star review

I am very pleased with my Carnation crew "Ironwood". They come in and get right to work. They do an excellent job and are very thorough with the cleaning that they do. They have very friendly, positive attitudes, and we feel very comfortable with them doing such a good job cleaning for us.

Debbie Huston gave Carnation Home Cleaning Inc a 5 star review

My Acacia Team is the best!! I'm 70 years old and finally had to admit I can no longer keep up with house cleaning due to being sick the last year. Carnation made it so easy and comfortable to bring a cleaning team into my home. Prompt and courteous and thorough. Its such a treat to see my home shiny and clean when i walk thru it!! Try them!! You'll not be disappointed. They go above and beyond!!

Lynda Tanner gave Carnation Home Cleaning Inc a 5 star review

Caroline and Carmen where very efficient, thorough and did such an amazing job! I would recommend Carnation to anyone who needs some home cleaning and the... more

Troy P. gave Carnation Home Cleaning a 5 star review

Carnation has been cleaning my house for 2 years. They are professional and do a good job. Olivia always confirms the day and time 24 hrs before the... more

Melissa C. gave Carnation Home Cleaning a 5 star review

I moved into a new house and wanted a DEEP clean. The house was so fresh and clean when I moved in. ALSO, I love that I can trust a company that takes... more

Carolyn B. gave Carnation Home Cleaning a 5 star review
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