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Now in our 3rd year at Carmel Mountain Preschool, we have 2 children in attendance and we couldn't be happier. The teachers, administration and support staff are all phenomenal. Our kids are thriving in their classrooms and learning concepts and life skills that we, as working parents, would have difficulty doing at home. We can't wait to continue our journey at this school and watch our kids grow into independent thinkers.

Jennifer Morris gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

We are so happy to have our kids at Carmel Mountain Preschool! Our son is in his 3rd year and our daughter is in her 1st year and they both love it. The teachers and staff feel like family and all of them know your child. Our son is very active and needed a highly stimulating preschool where he wouldn't be in a classroom all day long. He loves Tinker Hollow where he gets to build with tools. He loves The Glenn where he learns about nature and gets to touch insects and take care of the garden. And then there's the art studio where he gets to do so many fun crafts. All 3 of these places are outdoors! The 3 playgrounds are amazing. The school encourages multidimensional play where the kids can get dirty and stimulate their senses. Our son is always singing songs from school and he shocked me when he was counting by tens in a song. He also surprised me with knowing all the months of the year from a song! Both songs involved hand and body motions which I know helped him stay interested. He wants nothing to do with the alphabet at home but at school he happily learns and can write his name. I could go on and on. What I love most are the amazing teachers who genuinely love our kids and see the best in them. I feel at ease knowing they are so well taken care of. We look forward to sending our 3rd child there when he's ready!

Erika Doty gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

My wife and I have been looking for a good preschool for our son and decided to come and tour CMP. We both loved this school so much and we signed up our 3 year old to attend it. We could have not been more happier with the quality of care and attention our son receives on daily basis. We recently signed up our youngest son to attend this school as well. I can honestly say that this school is worth every penny we pay for it!

Tim Safransky gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

My grand daughter enrolled in this school not long ago ( this summer) and she is so excited about it, speaking about her friends all the time and showing me all her artwork from school.It has a nice green look to it with a striking musical garden. I was at an ice cream social last month where I got to meet most of her friends ( that she spoke about so vividly). Listening to her teacher tell us all the activities that my grand daughter is excited about and about how passionate she is about singing, I couldn't help notice the attention to detail. Very impressed with the teachers. Helped myself to some passion fruit ice cream which I am told is grown right on the school premises. I am very happy with my son's choice of this preschool.

Vatsala Gopalakrishna gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 4 star review

Carmel Mountain Preschool is truly a special place. We have seen our daughter’s confidence grow over the two years she has been at CMP. She is learning to love school as a place where she can be herself, develop her curiosity and learn empathy. Ms. Michele is an exceptional teacher who has taught her strategies for expressing her emotions and asking for what she needs. She has also helped our daughter tap into a love of art and enabled her to express her creativity as she freely explores the classroom art supplies and the quaint hands-on art studio. We would highly recommend Carmel Mountain Preschool to any parent who wants their child to be recognized for their individual gifts!

Brooke Matheson gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review
Orly Hadari Rieselman Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

We have had such an amazing experience at Carmel Mountain Preschool for the past 3 years. Our daughter just started kindergarten and was so well prepared for the transition. Our son has been with CMP since the toddler class as well and is now in the 3's. The facility is one of a kind with great playgrounds, an art studio, tinker room, chicken coop, and nature lab. My kids always come home with excitement telling me about all the fun stuff they are learning and the new friends they are making. We love the teachers and they all get to know each of the children in the various classes. We're blessed with such a great foundation for our children.

5 months ago
Ryan Furtado Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

The staff works hard to make CMP a stimulating and inspiring place for all its students. They provide exciting activities and enjoyable events that my daughter can't wait to tell us about at the end of the day. She looks forward to going to school and is constantly raving about her teachers and friends.

5 months ago
Janine Hubinger Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

What a wonderful place to send a pre-schooler! Their Holiday program was delightful, and put our family into the Christmas spirit!

5 months ago
Rebecca Routh Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

CMP is a very well run organization. The staff and teachers have all been so wonderful. Both of our children currently attend CMP, and we couldnt be happier with the experience they are getting. The school has a great balance of learning an play, both indoors and outdoors and they have so many different areas for the kids to learn and grow that foster imagination. Our children have thrived since attending CMP, and we are so happy we chose this school for their early childhood education.

5 months ago
Kristen Slye Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

Carmel Mountain Preschool has been an amazing experience for both our daughter and us as parents. Their approach to learning, both in the traditional sense and hands on in the Glen and Tinker Center has created a well balanced foundation for Kindergarten next year. The staff is amazing and treats every child with kindness and respect. We have loved every minute of our time at cmp and look forward to having our other daughter start school with them this coming summer.

5 months ago
David Memmott Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

We are so happy with Carmel Mountain Preschool. It’s unlike other preschools we’ve experienced. They have created an indoor/outdoor learning environment where the kids can explore, learn and play. It’s a wonderful place where you wish you could be a kid again and spend your days painting in the art studio or building toys at tinker hollow or getting your hands dirty in the Glenn and learning about nature in the science lab. Our daughter loves her teacher who has created a loving and encouraging classroom. At the end of the day when we pick her up, she tells us all about the great things she got to build, create and experience that day. We couldn’t be happier seeing our daughter thrive at CMP.

5 months ago
Kierstin Schrader Sykes Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

CMP has been, and continues to be, a high quality choice for preschool. My cousins, who are now in their 30s attended, my nephew who is in his 20s attended and our now 4 year old has been a student there since he was 18 months old and we couldn't be happier. When we were searching for preschool options for our son we knew CMP had to be on the list, but when we toured we fell in love with the campus, curriculum and staff. The campus feels tranquil, there is an outdoor music garden, art studio and tinkering space, a garden where the kids grow and eat fruits and vegetables, the playground equipment is well maintained, and the classrooms are kept fresh. They also do several family events during the year both in the classroom and up on their field. Some of our favorites are when Hullabaloo comes or Rhythm Child - my son really loves drumming! I also appreciate that they will often have a parent night with a talk from someone they have brought in to train the staff. We attended a conscious discipline last year and it was really helpful for our parenting, but to also learn what techniques the teachers are learning. My son started going there at 18 months and only had about 10 words. Within 2 weeks he was up to 25 words and we have continued to see big jumps in his comprehension. I remember when we toured they emphasized that this was a true preschool setting and not just daycare. I was skeptical, but I have to say it really is true. He seems to have grasped things at a much earlier age than his older brother did who was in a true daycare setting until he was 3. All of the teachers are awesome, very loving and caring. It really feels like a big family. My son looks forward to going to school every day and even asked if his teachers could come to his birthday party.

5 months ago
Robin Ford Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

I couldn’t be more delighted with Carmel Mountain Preschool! As both an elementary school teacher and a mom, I have high standards. CMP has met or exceeded every one of them. Each day, when I drop my daughters off at preschool, I know I am leaving them in the care of loving, knowledgeable staff who will value and respect them as individuals. The students have incredible opportunities: the outdoor art studio, the nature lab, Tinker Hollow, extensive playgrounds, fun family events, and so much more! Both of my daughters are learning so much, but most importantly, they love their friends, their teachers, and their preschool. 💕

5 months ago
Timur Skiy Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

My wife and I have been looking for a good preschool for our son and decided to come and tour CMP. We both loved this school so much and we signed up our 3 year old to attend it. We could have not been more happier with the quality of care and attention our son receives on daily basis. We recently signed up our youngest son to attend this school as well. I can honestly say that this school is worth every penny we pay for it!

5 months ago
Jerry Hernandez Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

Our twins started here in 2015 and now our 3yo daughter is now enrolled. After extensive research and numerous visits to other preschools, we chose CMP for their professionalism and experience in early childhood care taking and education. Their ability to accommodate our twins with our busy schedules was also a plus. Over the years, the various teachers/educators that our children have entrusted to have been all been phenomenal. We've been more than satisfied with the activities and lessons they have planned for the children as well as the genuine love they have for all the kids. The owner Arianne and staff know all the children and parents past and present by name and are always available for any concerns you may have. CMP also plans numerous fun activities during and outside of normal school hours for the kids from field trips to Balboa Park to Halloween events at Pumpkin Station. Most important is the knowledge and fact that our children were always happy and had a lot of fun there. I couldn't imagine our kids being anywhere else.

5 months ago
June Hernandez Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

We’ve been with CMP since 2015 when my twins came here and my youngest recently started this fall. We toured many schools and knew immediately when we toured that we wanted to send our children here. They have the best curriculums for the kids, teachers and staff who really get to know and care about your family, extra activities such as gymnastics or music during school hours, all in an environment that is full of nature and exploring opportunities. That was when we first started but fast forward to now and there have been upgrades to everything on campus….they even have tinkering and a chicken coop! Honestly, it makes me wish I was spending my day here! This is a school that is always growing and constantly educating their staff to really provide the best possible early education for your child. My kids have had experiences here that they definitely wouldn’t have at other places. Most importantly, they communicate with parents well and really involve the families of all the children in their activities in and out of school. They’ve become like family over the years and I am so grateful for the unforgettable memories my kids have had and continue to make here. Thank you CMP! If you’re looking for preschool options make sure to check out CMP!! #cmpkids #cmpfun

5 months ago
Jim Curran Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

My two grandsons both attended Carmel Mountain Preschool. Beau graduated a couple of years back and Morgan is there now. They both loved it ! I recently was the surprise reader for Morgan's class , his teacher is Miss Melissa. Simply put her class room was just a happy place to be. The children were all engaged and were clearly enjoying their experience. it was such a treat for me just to be there. I have to say the facility itself is beyond impressive. Especially the outside play areas . There is a Tinker Camp, never seen anything quite like it and an open fun area to just play. This is a great place for a child to begin the process of learning . It's also obvious that this is an environment for children to just experience being with one another. Any parent should be so fortunate to have there child at this special place.

5 months ago
Jared Coleman Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

Carmel Mountain Preschool has been an incredible place for my daughter! She started at 18 months and we weren't sure how the transition would go. The teachers have been so patient and caring and Colette loves to go to school. She is social and enjoys seeing her friends and teachers each day. She is always telling us about all the activities the kids get to do - art, dancing, projects, cooking, reading, singing, playing, etc. Her verbal skills have sky rocketed since she's been at CMP and it's so fun to see her develop and grow. I think the regular interaction with other kids has made a huge difference in her personality and ability to relate with others. She is compassionate, kind and polite - and CMP has helped with all those traits. We also love that the school offers fun family events and way to get involved. Thank you!

5 months ago
Catherine Hansen Smith Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

Carmel Mountain Preschool is the best! My daughter loves going to school every day. She transferred from a local corporate daycare facility. It's our second year and we couldn't be happier. We love how the school has a lot of outdoor play time at the outdoor music, tinkering, and art studios. There is a garden where they learn about plants and animals. Kids get to feed the chickens that live on campus! The teachers make learning fun. They truly care about the kids. Last year, my daughter would get a big hug and a compliment from her teacher every morning. She would bring home art projects all the time. Her room was decorated every couple of months with a new theme which made her class fun and exciting. CMP plans a lot of fun after school events which is great for the parents too. We've made a lot of friends ourselves which is nice. We highly recommend CMP. We couldn't be happier!

5 months ago
Bart Spitzmiller Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

Simply a well run family preschool. We've sent two kids here and have been impressed with how they continue to make improvements and grow. The staff is attentive and well trained. If you're looking for a 'quality' preschool - everything from non-toxic facilities, to organic snacks, to incredible outdoor play opportunities, to acute attention to child development needs - CMP checked all the boxes for a preschool.

5 months ago
Brandon Smith Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

CMP is the best! My daughter attends this preschool and she loves it. The teachers are fun, friendly, and amazing at their jobs. I have seen significant growth in my daughters social skills and general education. I would highly recommend CMP to any parents.

5 months ago
Cara Curran Spitzmiller Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

Carmel Mountain Preschool has been a gift to our family for both of our boys! Our 9 year old still wishes he could return because of his fond memories. Our 3-year old looks at his class as his second family. The community that CMP builds is exceptionally unique, inviting parents and the school to work as partners in supporting kids through preschool age milestones. They place great emphasis on the emotional development of each child, in meeting each child where they are. CMP teachers are professional, approachable, and the safety and happiness of your child is their highest priority. CMP is a locally family run preschool (for over 35 years) where you find the owners interacting with the kids, parents, and staff daily. Teachers’ value is evident through the incredible Professional Learning provided and longevity and commitment of the staff. CMP promotes a love of learning, with learning through play, investigation, and experience. Whether your child is visiting the Glenn Garden, the Tinkering Hollow, the Art Studio, or one of the many outdoor playgrounds - kids are encouraged to build, explore, and question the world. If you want a preschool where your kids are encouraged to JUMP, not shy away, from rainy day puddles - this is the school for your family!

5 months ago
Doug Timmerman Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

All three of my children have attended and we could not be happier with the experience. The teachers, the staff, the day to day, the extracurricular activities all have been beyond our hopes and expectations. They create a fun, happy and safe learning environment for the students and families!

5 months ago
Tina Arroyo Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

We are so lucky that CMP is our neighborhood preschool! Our daughter started here just this fall and we have already seen her blossom in a short few months. The sense of community here is great, we see CMP families at all sort of community events and at other extracurricular classes. Our daughter will attend another year and our son is currently on the waiting list, for when he is old enough to attend. Take a tour and be sure to get on the waitlist early!

5 months ago
Diana Betancourt-Yerke Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

Worth the wait! I had the opportunity to stay home with my child for about two years, and when I was ready to get my daughter into school I didn't realize there would be a wait. I really wanted her to go to Carmel Mountain Preschool because they had the best reputation in town, and I loved the free parenting programs and events they had for their non-attending community. So I was certain I wanted her at this school and added myself to the 12-month waiting list. Luckily, we got into the summer program about 6-months later, and were able to stay through the "school year." My daughter has now been at Carmel Mountain Preschool for the past six months, and boy have they been great. She is learning a lot, playing well with other children, listening at home better, eating well (she has a history of being pretty picky), and they even helped me with potty training! The staff is great and they all know every single kids name (and that's a lot!). The teachers are sweet and compassionate and I feel like they really love our kids. I would recommend this preschool to anyone in the area. They are helping grow some lovely people with great values and a sense of community.

5 months ago
Katie Topping Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

WE LOVE CMP!! Our son has attended pre-K since August of this year. It is wonderful. His teachers are wonderful and quick to respond to questions and concerns - They genuinely care about our son. We love that they spend as much time as possible outdoors. The additional programming like gymnastics, dance, Spanish, etc., individualizes the experience for each child and makes for a fun-filled learning environment. We have no doubt that he will be well-prepared for kindergarten next year!!

5 months ago
Amy Forman Hecht Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

My close friend has sent her kids to CMPS and raves they are nothing short of amazing!!! When we decide to hand our kids over to educators, we all want our precious children to be safe, stimulated, cultured, and highly engaged in positive social interactions and learning. At CMPS, the staff is "cream of the crop" and its pristine, clean surroundings are top notch! Being an educator myself, I highly recommend Carmel Mountain Preschool as your child's first 'home away from home'!

5 months ago
Holly James Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

Carmel Mountain Preschool is building a legacy of love for education and community support in Rancho Penasquitos through the lives of each child that experiences their program. Our dear neighbor’s girls are #CMPsisters and have been such sweethearts to my kiddos. We’ve watched them blossom and as they’ve grown to be well spoken and caring young ladies at such a young age! If we could do it over again, I would have put my kiddos on the waitlist sooner, so we could be a part of this incredible experience and #CMPFamily.

5 months ago
Ann Ramirez Recommends Carmel Mountain Preschool

Thank you Carmel Mountain Preschool for your 5+star teaching. As a grandmother of 11, this school is, by far, the most superior, innovative, and creative school I have encountered. This school has so much to offer children. The creativity, with life lessons and loving care is Outstanding. The teachers are the best in California. Thank you Carmel Mountain Preschool for all your wonderful teaching and loving care to both my Granddaughters, Willa Joy and her older sister Elliette Mae. When entering kindergarten, Elliette was fully prepared.

5 months ago
Ashley Christine gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

As a high school counselor at Canyon Crest Academy, a continuously top performing, student centered and inclusive public high school for 14 years, I know very well what our little ones need in their pre-school experience. Additionally, during our many years working together at CCA (10+ years), I have come to know Mrs. Jennifer D. Ramirez and her family incredibly well. Jenn has become one of my role models, favorite team members and close friends (as I have served as the Counselor for all of her Special Education students and collaborated with her time and again- witnessing her dedication, expertise, connection to her students and families, and her top notch teaching/case management- which sets her apart as an educator without doubt). What has always amazed me about Jenn is how she can be so outstanding under stressful and demanding work expectations, yet her priorities have always been honorable and her family is number one, no matter what. I have had the privilege of seeing Jenn parent, being in her home, and spending time with all of her children and also husband. She is one of the most caring and incredible mothers I have ever met. She always shows up for them, and gives them her best self. A major part of that, is her decision to send her daughters to Carmel Mountain Pre-School, about which she has continually raved about. This fall I had the honor of going to CM Pre-school with Jenn to pick up her youngest daughter, Willa Joy. I was blown away!! I was able to meet several incredible teachers, tour the campus and see all of the opportunities available to students who attend. I also witnessed Willa’s innate joy when being there, and excitement to show me and tell me what she gets to do at school. I was incredibly impressed and would recommend this school to anyone- as this school is truly unrivaled in what it offers (not simply in education, but genuine love, care, investment in student grown and well-being). This school makes me want to go back to pre-school because it is that amazing!!!

5 months ago

CMP has been, and continues to be, a high quality choice for preschool. My cousins, who are now in their 30s attended, my nephew who is in his 20s attended... more

Kierstin S. gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

We started CMP when our eldest son, Soham was 3 years old. At his old school he was quite shy and would always come home irritated and not smiling. When... more

Jay N. gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review
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