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Great people, Great teacher and a great place!
My son loves go to school!

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We are so happy with Carmel Mountain Preschool. It's unlike most preschools we've experienced because the facility has several outdoor spaces built into the learning. It is a great environment for our daughter to explore, learn and grow. Her teachers create a loving and encouraging classroom where she is excited to go each day. Carmel Mountain Preschool is wonderful from the staff to the teachers to the place itself and we couldn't be happier being apart of their family.

David Memmott gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

We love this preschool ! Our 3y/o has grown tremendously in the short time she has been here. There is a wonderful balance with helping the children grow emotionally , socially and intellectually. We appreciate that the teachers really focus on fostering the children's independence. Also the staff does a great job of communicating with the parents. My wife and I are confident that this is the best place our daughter can be right now. We highly recommend CMP!

Ryan Wood gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

My niece attends this preschool and she loves it. The grounds are so nice. Its set up like an elementary school. I have been to pick her up a couple times and have always been greeted warmly by the staff. Based on my experience, what my sister says about the school and my niece's joy when I pick her up, I would recommend this school to anyone with little kids.

Lissa Smith gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

We love this preschool! The teacher is fantastic and even the other teachers know my daughter's name. The facility is very clean with some awesome upgrades like huge musical instruments near the playground, an awesome garden, and a great art studio which our girl never stops talking about. Our daughter gets healthy snacks and is learning how to socialize with other kids. We've only been here a few months but so far very impressed and our girl loves going to her class to see all her new friends and learn new skills she tells us about each time she comes home from school. Thank you teachers and staff for making us feel at home and welcome at CMP!

Leslie Marzullo gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

Our 3 y/o has been there for 6 months and LOVES it. It really feels like a family because the staff knows our daughter by name and always greet us with a smile. They have a variety of extra activities kids can participate in like music, Spanish, yoga and ceramics. We appreciate the variety of ways the school includes family and friends in activities such as ice cream socials, outdoor concerts, etc. Our daughter has grown leaps and bounds in the short time she has been there. They really create a fun environment for learning. It's worth every penny!

Kirsten Wood gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review
Linda Humphery Miller gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review
Robin Londt gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review
Jennifer Conner gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review
Damien Evans gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

Enrolling my children in the Carmel mountain preschool was the best decision I have made for my family's future. For I just returned from Afghanistan and am astonished how much both of my children have grown intellectually. I mean my 3 year old comes home each week teaching me new Spanish she learn from her teach. And my 1 1/2 year is leaps and bounds beyond her sister, at that age, which I wholeheartedly believe is due to the wonderful job CMP staff is doing.

Bennie Hill gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

I have 5 year twin boys that attend Carmel Mountain Preschool. As soon as I took a tour of this school, I knew this was the right school for my boys. Their curriculum surpassed all the other schools I visited. My boys have been learning math, reading, writing and science. The school has an amazing art studio, playgrounds for different age groups and a garden for them to enjoy. My boys are excited to go to school every day to see what they will learn next. The teachers work with each child to build their confidence and skills. I also like that the teachers send me pictures of the activities my child is doing throughout the week. I am very thankful that I found such a loving, safe and wonderful preschool for my kids to attend. If you are searching for a preschool, I would highly recommend checking out CMP.

Nasim Mason gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

We love CMP! Our son started in June and we couldn't be happier with our experience here. The teachers are fantastic and regularly send updates and pictures to us to share all of the fun activities he gets to take part in. It has been amazing to see him come home excited about the art he has produced, trips to the Glenn, or other fun experiences like snow day. We have seen so much growth in him in a short period of time and he is loving every minute of it. It is wonderful to know that he is in such great hands!

Kelly Stimpson gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

I have 5 year old twin boys in the Kinder Prep class and they are excited to go to school everyday. The teacher engagement and the student-teacher ratio is outstanding. We looked at a lot of other TK/Kinder Prep schools, but CMP had the best curriculum. They get to enjoy learning everything from reading, science, art, and math. I highly recommend everyone to see for yourself!

Brian Mason gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

My son is 3 1/2 and has been attending Carmel mountain preschool since he was 2. We absolutely love this preschool. Every teacher has been amazing. They greet him in the morning with a big hug and he is happy to see them. The day is filled with lots of educational and fun activities. He comes home and I can't wait to hear about his day. This school is clean and organic is so many ways. They have a glenn where the kids can learn about animals, gardening and get creative. I love it that they bring visitors from the fire department and police department to show off the equipment for the kids. This school keeps the parents are very involved too. There are so many opportunities for families to come together at the school for "snow days," concerts, and class parties. I cannot wait for my younger son to be old enough to go to this school!!!

Erica Valley gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

My son started at CMP just 4 months ago in the toddler/2 year old program and I couldn't be happier. He's a very social and active child so I love that there is so much for the kids to learn and experience with art classes, the Glenn, and the many different programs put on by the school!! I cannot say enough good things about his teachers, Claudia and Ann Marie! They have made not only my son feel loved at school but they give me such comfort every morning after I drop him off that I found the right place for him! All the staff and teachers are wonderful and they treat you like one big family!! Thank you CMP for taking such great care of my child!

Lauren Peters gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

I am a full time student, and my husband works for the military. When my husband and I found out he would be getting stationed in Afghanistan we knew we would need to find a place for our daughters to not only blossom, but to feel at home. After plenty of research and school visits, CMP won us over. We have a 3 year old and almost a two year old enrolled. We loved the fact that they had an 18mo program and that both our daughters could attend together. During the visit, we absolutely loved seeing how every teacher knew each child's name (even if they aren't in their class). There's over 300 children enrolled and no matter who we passed by, hellos were given with names and smiles and I honestly think that's what did it for us. It's been about 4 months since they started and I couldn't be happier with their cognitive & social development. My oldest daughter loves her teacher Miss Marisol. She literally runs to her every morning and it makes me feel so warm inside knowing I'm leaving my daughter's little heart happy at a place she feels comfortable, safe, and loved! My little one is always welcomed by her two sweet & caring teachers Miss May & Miss Yukie. No complaints here. All the activities and events involved in the month of December proved to my husband and I that we made the right decision in choosing CMP.

Adriana Aparicio gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

Carmel mountain preschool is a wonderful school and I highly recommend it. The staff and teachers are so welcoming and it feels like family. Between classroom time, time at the Glenn and art studio, it is a well rounded program. I was amazed to see my child's growth during his time at Carmel mountain preschool and now he's excelling in kindergarten. CMP prepared him very well. My youngest is still at CMP and is loving his teachers, friends and time there! Great program and great care!

Jenna Nyholt gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

Our family really loves CMP!! The first time we toured, I was so impressed with the facilities and all the different learning activities the kids do throughout the day. It stands out so much from the rest and we plan to keep going here.

Xia Lor Hood gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

My son (3 yo) loves this place. He knows the days he goes there and looks forward to it during the week. His teachers, Ms. Kara and Ms. Mallory, are awesome and he comes home each week surprising us with how quick he is learning.

Brian Michael Hood gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

This is the second year our son has been at Carmel Mountain Preschool and he loves it.

Kirk Blomstrom gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

Our son loves Carmel Mountain Preschool and we know he's in good hands when he's there :)

Rebecca Blomstrom gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

My daughter has been in two other daycare/preschools and Carmel Mountain Preschool is better than the other two by miles. We will keep her there as long as we can! She is in the Toddler class, and the two teachers are amazing - always smiling, active, teaching the children to explore their environment, build communication skills, and interact with others all while staying safe. When we ask her where she's going tomorrow, our toddler shrieks the two teachers names with delight. They email us action photos of our daughter a couple times a month and of some of the fun events they plan. They recreated a pumpkin patch, a snow day...they're always thinking of ways to stimulate the kids, and they have so much fun!

Bryce Dastous gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

After touring several other preschools that were just ok we were beyond excited after seeing CMP campus. Our daughter has been attending for over 5 months now and we couldn't be happier. The staff and teacher are top notch and always seem happy and attentive. Our daughter is excited to go to school everyday so we know that we made the right choice. I highly recommend CMP to any parent looking for a preschool.

Jennifer Franklin gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

Living so far from our families, my husband and I found the process of trying to find the perfect preschool/ daycare center for our daughter to be difficult and stressful. It was important to us that we found a trustworthy place that felt like family since our daughter would be spending so much time there during the week. Thankfully, Carmel Mountain Preschool made that decision so easy for us! It has been a year and a half now and I still cannot say enough positive things about the teaching and management staff here. All of the teachers know every child by name, the curriculum and activities are spectacular, and the organic snacks that are prepared for the children by a professional chef are just the icing on the cake. What is most important to us though is that our daughter actually wakes up every morning absolutely excited to go to school. We are thankful to have found such a loving, caring, and safe place that she has been able to grow and truly blossom in. Thank you CMP!

Megan AnneMarie Gonzales gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

If you're looking for a preschool which will provide your child a foundation and love of learning, then look no further. I am a proud father of two beautiful girls (youngest of which still attends CMP) and both have the creativity and passion to explore their world around them, inspire others in their personal endeavors and are extremely well balanced individuals. Many thanks to all the hard working, loving teachers/leadership at CMP for creating this environment for our children!

William O'Bannon gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

CMP has been a part of our life for the past 4 years. We love all the teachers and staff, they take great care of each and every child. We love that our oldest was so well prepared for kinder and now our youngest will enter kinder next year with flying colors! If you are searching for a great preschool, look no further, CMP is the place to be!!!

Jennifer Harper Farrell gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

Excellent pre-school with amazing teachers!! Our son absolutely loves going to school and learning with his new friends. We hope to enroll our daughter next year!

Ryan Dickert gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

Our daughter started at Carmel Mountain Preschool this fall when she turned 18 months (the minimum age). My wife had attended CMP in the 1980's when she was little, so she loved having our daughter share the same excellent facility that she had learned, played, and gained social skills at in the years before elementary school. Some of the original staff are still around making CMP great! 30 years later and they have now expanded their school footprint with multiple buildings, playgrounds, fields, and even solar panels! The class our daughter is in is taught by two loving, sweet and amazing women. We get e-mail updates regularly with photos and the school regularly hosts family interactive activities (concerts, picnics, school performances) so there is definitely a real effort by CMP to keep the parents involved. We will very likely have our daughter at CMP for all 4 years till she starts elementary school. Thanks Carmel Mountain Preschool for being a safe and amazing place for our daughter!

Tyler Huff gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

My daughter has been a student at CMP since May 2015. At the time, I was looking for a year-round program that would nurture her curious spirit. The school has since exceeded all of my expectations. All of her teachers have been welcoming and engaging. They've gladly taken time out of their days to share their take on Ella's development. Ella loves to discuss her latest adventures at The Glenn (the campus garden and nature center) and the Art Studio. She also loves getting messy in the playground's newly-added "mud kitchen." There are multiple age-appropriate playgrounds on campus. As Ella's grown she has moved from the 2's playground, to the 3's and now the 4's. Each has helped her build her motor skills and kept her busy and, trust me, she is one very active girl! The campus' recent redesign has helped harmonize the space and make it even more inviting. The family events throughout the year also lend to the amazing inclusive community feel of this school. There are concerts, snow foam truck visits, drum circles, ice cream socials, etc. Ella is always excited to learn and grow in this safe, FUN and enriching environment. She has already learned a tremendous amount about phonics and science. This spring she even proudly reminded me what a "chrysalis" is! I'm confident she's ready for kindergarten next fall. I've recommended CMP to numerous friends and continue to wholeheartedly. I truly can't wait to send my younger son here once he's old enough.

Molly Pincherli gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

Our daughter started at CMP this summer and all of her teachers have helped make the transition as smooth as we could have hoped for. When we were looking at preschools, we had such a good feeling when we toured CMP. The teachers and staff make each child feel special. We know our daughter is in great hands and she genuinely enjoys going to school each day. We would recommend CMP to anyone looking for a school that feels like a second home for their child!

Nari Ker Walsh gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

My 3 year old son started with Carmel Mountain Preschool three months ago and we couldn't be happier with the set up. He had been with a full time nanny... more

Angie Y. gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

Our now 2.5 year old started at CMP in February after spending his previous days with Grandma. We toured several day cares in the area but somehow... more

David L. gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review

My kids have been going to CMP for the past couple of months. We started during summer session and are now into the 2016-2017 school year. We love the... more

Katharine H. gave Carmel Mountain Preschool a 5 star review
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