Cape Albeon

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Average: 5 out of 5 Stars

My husband and I moved into our cottage 11 years ago. Cape Albeon has very pleasant surroundings, our cottage has a wonderful lake view. I like to sit outside and watch the birds, etc. My husband would ask when it was time to go home, as if we were on vacation. Maintenance, housekeeping, meals, trips and activities are wonderful. The empolyees are all very accommodating and respond to requests within 24 hours. The upkeep is tremendous from the exterior to the interior. On a few occasions I unfortunately found it necessary to need extra care. I was able to use the free annual respite stay at the assisted living following a hospital stay. It was very helpful to myself and my family who lives out of town, it put their mind at peace.

Jane Farrell gave Cape Albeon a 5 star review

I have really enjoyed working for Cape Albeon Lakeside Retirement Living the past two years! Not only because of the many relationships I have gained with the employees, but most importantly the friendships with the residents and their families. I walk to our retirement apartments from our assisted living building every chance I get, it feels as if I am in a movie! The hidden oasis feel is breathtaking. I have and will continue to recommend Cape Albeon!!

Kalie Henthorn gave Cape Albeon a 5 star review

The assisted living is fantastic! The food is tasty with lots of variety. Anne in Admissions was warm, friendly and helpful. I would recommend anyone with parents to move to Cape Albeon GC

Grant Calvert gave Cape Albeon a 5 star review

I loved working at Cape Albeon. If my father needed to live in a Senior community, Cape would be at the top of my list.

Stldoglover9 gave Cape Albeon a 4 star review
FacePlus lll gave Cape Albeon a 5 star review
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