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2814 S Indiana Ave
Caldwell, ID 83605

I have worked for Canyon West for 3 months and it is fantastic. The team atmosphere among the staff is wonderful. The nursing staff truly cares about the people they work with as well. I can see why Canyon West won Best Facility of the year last year.

Troy Garidel gave Canyon West of Cascadia a 5 star review

I’ve worked here at Canyon west for 2 years as an RN! I love this company they’d provided me so much support and encouragement and have slingshotted me my career to excel in specialties to improve patient care. I love my co workers and the culture we’ve created! The resident are always a pleasure to see and I’m happy to send our rehabs home when they’ve met their goals!

Jenna Sessums gave Canyon West of Cascadia a 5 star review

The staff here is incredible! The management team works tirelessly to ensure their residents have the best care possible and that staff have the support they need to succeed. Always impressed with this team and all the good they're doing for the Caldwell community.

Erin Kelly gave Canyon West of Cascadia a 5 star review

I’ve worked at this facility for a year now and love it! I feel appreciated, valued, and enjoy what I do. Plus, it’s such a positive and upbeat atmosphere, and there’s always fun events going on for the residents and employees.

Georgina Hough gave Canyon West of Cascadia a 5 star review

This is a detailed five star review of the Canyon-West nursing home and rehab Center. A quick summary: I found Canyon-West welcoming, clean and populated by a dedicated, caring and hard working staff. Some years prior to being transferred to Canyon-West from St Alphonsus. I had visited several dedicated rehab centers. My wife had lengthy rehab stays at St Alphonsus, Encompass, and Sunterra/Riverview. All of these facilities had private rooms, private bathrooms, and private showers. They also had a wide range of dining options. What I saw during my wife’s several Rehab experiences set expectations for my own rehab stay. On July 5th, I was transferred to Canyon-West for hip surgery rehab as my wife is in a care home and I lived alone. The hospital's Case Manager did not meet with me to discuss the specifics of my transfer. Upon arrival, the shock was immediate. The building was a traditional older convelescent home. My room was shared with a true nursing home guest. The shared bathroom contained a toilet with a commode riser. The sink was outside the bathroom, and I found out that showers were twice a week (unless they were part of therapy). My first dinner arrived after five. It consisted of baked beans and a sour kraut-covered hot dog (gack). I had been having a protein, vegetables and fruit at St. Al’s. Upon arriving I was warmly welcomed by several team members. On the next day, I met many of the other team members that would be working with me. Although, I initially thought I had Stockholm syndrome, I became quickly impressed with the caring and concern of the Nursing and CNA caregivers, Social Work, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy teams. While the team was working to rehab me, conditions in the room were difficult. The other patient required extensive 24 hour care. I averaged two to three hours of sleep a night until he was moved. On the 12th I came back from a doctor's follow-up and was delighted to find the other gentleman had been moved. On four occasions confused patients would enter the room. The call button came in very handy. The food choices consisted of 1960’s comfort food. It was all prepared well. I enjoyed most of it. However, by the end of my stay, I would have killed for a simple full plate plain salad with peaches and a cup of cottage cheese added. :-) OK! I've given some environmental and cultural details. Let's cover specifics: Nursing and CNA support (Ashley, Kari ,Jenna, Ana, Gina and many others): I could not have asked for better care. They helped with meds, meals, showers and helping me into bed. The wound care nurses ensured that the hip surgery incisions healed properly. The team was very inclusive. I was impressed by all of the care team members. Occupational Therapy (Lauren and Kim) problem-solved to help provide me with the tools needed to return home successfully. We used Lauren’s car to practice car transfers. Physical Therapy: (John, Karen, Nicky and Nick) were all excellent. Their workouts helped me to build on prior pre-surgical conditioning. Initially, I needed Percoset before and after the therapy. Within ten days, I no longer needed pain medication. As I improved, I walked all three halls of the nursing home several times a day. First with a walker, then with a cane, and finally unaided. Atmosphere: On my last day, I realized that God must reside in this nursing home. Besides the heartfelt contributions of staff, I remembered that Long-term guests were cheering me on each day. And, often overwhelmed, I returned their support. I was amazed that I preferred the atmosphere at Canyon-West over my prior expectations of a rehab center. Upon arriving home, I realized that I truly missed the social and supportive environment of Canyon-West. Their wonderful team had performed their job of rehab to perfection. Would I return to Canyon-West if my right hip needs replaced? Yes! It will be at the top of my list.

Mike C gave Canyon West of Cascadia a 5 star review
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