Calabro Chiropractic and Wellness Center

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199 New Road
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Linwood, NJ 08221
United States

gave Calabro Chiropractic and Wellness Center 5 stars


fI've been using chiropractic treatment since 1971. S0 what brought me to Calabro Gonstead Chiropractic? By chance I had a Gonstead adjustment in Placerville, CA, and it was so distinctive and fantastic that I immediately wet online and found the closest Gonstead practitioner to our home in NJ. Dr. David Calabro was the name that came up. I made my first appointment by email that same day while I was still in CA.

The experience at Dr. Calabro's center was one of friendliness, total caring about the patients, and very thorough adjustments. This is *not* one of those "face-down, flip 90º three times, and-goodbye — all-in 6 minutes places! Dr. Calabro can and does adjust my feet and legs (polio) as well as anything else that may be out of whack, as well as the spine.

I also have to recommend the on-site massage therapist Jennifer Fox who is first rate. I always make an appointment with her first, then on to Dr. Calabro.

How much do I rely on Calabro Chiropractic? I drive 35 miles each way because it is worth the time and energy. I've discovered over the years that I'm not the only person who drives that far for the Calabro treatment!

-- Paul S

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