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Brandon & Mike made sure I had a smooth and easy experience. They took very good care of me and my daughters by putting me in a safe , reliable car. I recommend this place to anyone looking for honest salesman....

Natalie Suyapa Hernandez gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star Review on Google

I have dealt with Buy a ride twice now.... I bought my first car with them last year, and I bought a 2009 Honda Fit, I have alway's preferred Honda car's . I had a problem with my A/C , it didn't work when I tryed to use it when the warm whether hit, (I bought the car in November) anyway they took ... See More


Mike suggests you use BUY-A-RIDE.NET

Mike G gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star Rating
Charese Blount gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star Rating on Google

After having spent a lot of time going to various other places looking at cars I was feeling really discouraged and frustrated, but working with George at Buy-A-Ride was such a great experience - he was very knowledgeable, patient, and really seems to care, (the exact opposite of all of the other places we went!). The overall process was quick and easy, and I feel really secure and happy with my purchase- I was really starting to think finding a car would be impossible until they made it happen for me,... Read More...

Skye Bohmer gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star Review on Google

I have bought 2 vehicles from buy a ride couldn't be more pleased...

Stash Ferenc gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star Review on Google

Amazing place. Bought several cars from them. George is great life his mom. Amazing service.


great place. Have bought many cars from them. George is AMAZING like his mom. Great service great price . ALWAYS


Over two years ago I walked into Buy-A-Ride with the hopes they would help me out. My credit was in sad shape and they put me in a vehicle I could afford. My payments were made on time every month for 2 years. I built my credit up and last week I drove out of Buy-A-Ride with almost a brand new vehicle and a loan through a bank. Everyone from George, Denise and Jonathan who are amazing people who will go the extra mile to get you in a car. You made this happen and thanks!...

Karen Sullivan gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star Review on Google

I have got to say that I'm so glad & happy that I came to Buy a Ride . George is the Best salesman. He was very thorough & to the point . He worked with me in every way to get me in my car . I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to buy a safe & reliable car . Plus awesome warran... See More


I had my Jeep detailed. Two prior detailers told me that they couldn't do anything about the marks on the wheels but Buy-A-Ride was able to remove them. Excellent job - inside and out.


Great/Friendly Service. I have been coming here for awhile, I just got my third car from George yesterday. I highly recommend coming here.


Great place! Friendly people....

Sara Wilgus gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star Review on Google
Maleni A. Galan gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star Rating on Google

Great customer service. Helps out with every problem you have credit bad ? Not a problem they will help you with anything ‼️...

Darius Morris gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star Review on Google

Buy-A-Ride company has been nothing but great. I would suggest everyone who has a problem, they will be very good to you, not your credit score. I have 2 cars and am very pleased, Great staff and repair shop at your finger tips. I would say come to this company for a car, van, or any of your needs....

Carol Hayes gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star Review on Google

Brought my car here for interior detailing, and it looks brand new. I had a huge stain in the car, and Henry got it right out! Awesome service, and great prices! I definitely will be coming back!...

nicole morsch gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star Review on Google

Great Service!! Helped me with all things I needed . George is of great help and Mike was also very helpful . John who works on vehicles is great guy and provided everything I needed for my recently purchased vehicle . Highly recommended...

Brandon Cruz gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star Review on Google

Best car buying experience ever! George was very patient and understanding! Nice selection and great service!...

krystle nesta gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star Review on Google

I recently purchased 2004 Toyota Camry SE from buy a ride in Mine Hill. Those guys are the absolute best and I’ve never had an easier experience with buying anything let alone a car. The car itself is in fantastic shape and Mike and George worked with me on the price and made it possible even with... See More


Just got a car from this place. Had a good feeling before i even went there. I spoke with Mike G and was told to fill out the application before i went there instead of wasting my time for nothing . After 20 minutes i was called back and everything went as hoped, so i took a ride over. Initially went there for something i saw on the website but it was an older vehicle and wasn't able to deal with the bank because of the age of the vehicle. Mike was patient with us and showed us several... Read More...

Daniel Stoll gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star Review on Google

Just purchased my second vehicle through these amazing people they are helpful in every way possible to get you the best deal on a car their on-site mechanics Two Brothers Auto are amazing mechanics and do a fabulous job make repairs I highly recommend this dealership and I will be a repeat customer... See More

francisco ruiz gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star Rating on Google

Mike and George helped me purchase the vehicle I wanted and very much needed. The process was quick and easy. Highly recommend if you have credit problems this is the place to go. Just make sure that YOU can afford it....

Barsz gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star Review on Google

Great buying experience! George and Mike are great guys and are very personable. There is exceptional customer service at Buy-A-Ride. I would highly recommend shopping for a vehicle here....

Luke Ramina gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star Review on Google

Visited today and left with a very clean VW GTI. The whole staff at BuyARide were very helpful and made buying my first car very simple. Their prices are very fair and the cars they get are all well kept. George at BuyARide was a great help and assured me that the car was in good condition, he also provided the car fax which all matched up with what he told me about the car. Easily a 5 star dealership!...

John Laspisa gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star Review on Google

The Buy A Ride team is excellent to work with. Johnny is a great salesman. We purchased a 2009 Hyundai Sonata for our son and he loves it. Thanks guys. Keep up the great work...

John Palma gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star Review on Google
Patty Hogan Recommends BUY-A-RIDE.NET

Best used car dealer around!!!!!

1 year ago
Tracy Stewart Domzalski Recommends BUY-A-RIDE.NET

I just bought a car here and I can't say enough good things about this place. The people here they were not pushy they were extremely helpful and made the entire process quick and easy shout out to Mike and George you guys are the best I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a car

1 year ago
Rican Speakn gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star review

I’ve been thru over 3-4 cars within one year due to them being either stolen or hit while parked or just breaking down on me after I’ve put thousands of dollars into them sad for months thinking just when will I catch a break then I was introduced by my cousin to buyaride and I have to admit they get not five they get 10 star rating from me they really had my back and got the best car for me and my family We could ever ask for and they got it for the most decent price very affordable I’m in love with my new suv 🚙 and I would recommend them to anyone stressing thinking that they couldn’t afford a better car because buyaride did me one favor better than anyone else could ever do and I can’t thank them enough

1 year ago
Patrick Esposito Recommends BUY-A-RIDE.NET

I have known George and his family for years since I coached him and his brother for Soccer, I know Doc from the car business. I had been looking for a Subaru for about 2 months and everyone I looked at had issues that should have and could have been addressed by the dealer but weren't. when I saw a Impreza sitting in his lot and took it for a ride I was hooked. a good car at a fair price and a great bunch of people. would definitely recommend.

1 year ago
Donna Marie gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star review

I have worked in the car industry for some time now, and before I started in the industry, I purchased a car from buy a ride and so did my dad. Everyone there makes you feel like family, not a customer. This dealership is truly unlike any other. They accommodate their customers to the fullest extent. They work their best to get everyone into a car and they don’t stop there. I have now purchased a different car, but I still stay in touch with the staff at Buy a ride. Whenever I can’t get a customer approved I send them here to buy a ride where I know they will be taken care of. Family owned and operated are my favorite. Guys, thank you so much for all you do. You are an A+ dealer and I will forever continue to tell people how amazing you all are.

1 year ago
Susan Goss Oberg gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star review

We love our “new” SUV! The people at Buy A Ride were so pleasant and helpful! I would certainly recommend looking for a vehicle here. Thank you for making this experience a pleasant one.

1 year ago
Teddy Snyder gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star review
2 years ago
Justin Moretto gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star review
2 years ago
Dana Ferenc gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star review
2 years ago
Joyce DeGisi gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star review

I would definitely recommend them. Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable about their vehicles. reasonably priced. Honest from the start. They treat you like family.

2 years ago
Patty Hogan gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star review
2 years ago
Nas Altiery gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star review
2 years ago
Jeannie Nilsen gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star review

if you are looking for a used vehicle this is the place to go!!!! they are very friendly reasonable and work with you and treat you great... i definitely would give them 5 stars .

3 years ago
Jenn La Rocca gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star review
4 years ago
Austin Ellis gave BUY-A-RIDE.NET a 5 star review
5 years ago

Bought a 2010 Nissan Altima with a great deal for my son, swift deal and good services. They had amazing warranty plans and very flexible payment plans with... more

A S. gave Buy A Ride a 5 star review

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