Burn$ Funding

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Average: 5 out of 5 Stars

7514 Girard Ave, Suite 1416
La Jolla, CA 92037
United States

Burn$ Funding helped me make major gains financially during my gap year before medical school. Peter is a well-known serial entrepreneur who has the connections and resources to launch an idea into a successful business. That being said, there is no idea too small. He was able to take a small conver... See More


Burn$ Funding has given me the opportunity that has allowed me to see my business plan come to reality. I was able to have my voice and needs heard, and the Burn$ Funding team worked with me through my complications and made my dream possible! It has been such a wonderful experience and my success w... See More


I reached out to Peter and his team at Burn$ Funding to receive a free consultation in hopes of receiving funding to start my own small business. I was initially hesitant that my credit score would prevent me from being lent the money I needed to get my business up and running. After the consultatio... See More


I can't say enough good things about Burns Funding and Peter Burns. He literally got me back in the game. When everyone else said no or stalled Peter said yes.
My Development and construction business is very cash sensitive and when I explained my needs to Peter he said "I get it" and within just... See More


Wow, this was amazing! Ever since I was approved for funding with Peter Burns, my life has changed dramatically. Peter took the time to listen to my story and heard exactly what I was needing. His mission is based on compassion with a motivation to try and better humanity and support aspiring entrep... See More

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