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Good Morning Brendan. My name is Helen. Having been to the Perth seminar yesterday I was truly inspired. I was an hour late and did miss a third. But After listening for 2 hours , I did leave excited about the possibilities. Of course when any presenter is passionate and believes truly in their product, most would leave feeling the same. I was there like most to see if it were possible to make money when I don’t have any. This was covered of course, but in the end all I could see was thousands of dollars needed to invest to be successful. I do have the requirements that I am truly coachsble, I’d would do the work, I’m fun for sure. I’m not confident in resourcing and don’t have the confidence in going alone. So fear prevailed. And I’m not kidding when I say funds are at zero. So I just can’t see a way. I know this is a great opportunity. I just can’t quite get over the line. I’ll ask to see if anyone is willing to step in and partner me. I’ll love to be part of your team, but for now I’ll have to pass. Thankyou for the opportunity. Perhaps in the future. Kindest regards. Helen McGovern

-- Helen M

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