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This is a review regarding the information session regarding the course, not the course itself. Brendan seems genuine, the information provided was valuable and well presented, the bonuses were compelling in their perceived value for money, the terms of the no-risk guarantee provided were impressive, and I am definitely interested pursuing this (ie signing up to go all in). Unfortunately, right at this moment the timing is poor for me, with a number of unrelated life issues needing to be resolved over the next few weeks in order to give the course and subsequent actions the required focus. This brings me to constructive criticisms of the information session, of which I have 3 - all easy to resolve. Firstly, amongst the numerous requests to the audience for "hands to be raised if you believe are genuinely interested in doing the course, but haven't yet completed the application form", it would have been nice to have acknowledged the subset of attendees in my (not uncommon) situation. Secondly, the presentation was overlong, and would benefit from less slow-moving waffle before getting to the meat of the material. Thirdly, having people sit still for over 3 hours without even a small, 2 minute break to stand up and stretch sore legs and backsides showed a pretty severe lack of consideration, and only results in people's attention wandering, and tipping them against signing up, as per the time-tested truism where people tend towards saying No if you make them feel uncomfortable. Not that it mattered, because there were still many more people keen to sign up than the advertised 30 spots, but I'm mentioning it to help the organisers improve their presentation for next time. So - to recap, and criticisms of the presentation aside - if you have the money, and you are ready to go with your ability to commit time and focus, then this seems like a wonderful, fulfilling way to take control of your work, money and life. I look forward to the next intake, when I'll be in a position to make it happen for me - Dave Brooks

-- Dave B

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