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I attended the Brisbane afternoon session. Must say I was impressed by the content; concept and delivery. Daven was an awesome presenter and explained things very well. It was encouraging for me to see at least 85% of the audience go sign up for their first meeting. Sadly the only thing that stopped me from going ahead was coming up with the $4997 fee. I spoke to Lee at the end of the seminar and told him that yeah I would be back as soon as I had that fee as my circumstances are tough at the moment. However I must say I was highly unimpressed and offended as after the seminar as I lined up to ask my questions one of your staff was quite rude and asked me YEAH WHATS YA QUESTION MATEY. I was really pissed off with this person and thought they were quite crass; uncouth and unprofessional. Were it not for a public setting I would have given this person a truly fitting reply as I found them really arrogant and condescending. I am happy to return to another seminar and don't even mind using positive word of mouth. Albeit I would have given a full score of 5 had it not been dealing with an uncouth person with zero manners. Brendan must say I really liked the concept and am truly keen and passionate to get started however the thing that stopped me is the humongous fee. Am happy to follow all your videos etc. Meantime Ill be using Word of Mouth to get your solid program out there. GOOD LUCK and hope to join your team soon. PS Nothing saddened me more than to see myself walking away from a golden opportunity all due to the damn fees; but such is life. I AM BY NO MEANS GIVING UP! See you soon!

-- RAY M K

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