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Really enjoyed this. I was actually wanting to do this when the GFC hit. I had a man that was going to help and was experienced with importing in China. He advised all the pitfalls. After weeks of sourcing products and getttibg some software that I can’t remember the man decided to take another job. I was too uncomfortable to take this financial risk without experienced help so I opted out. I have always regretted not doing this as I feel it is the perfect business. I was aware of Amazon opening and just thought I would pop along to see if there was some way I could crack into this market. Was thrilled to see the support that you offer. If I can be reassured of your support and I will need it I will be delighted to join up. I have my interview this afternoon so I am hoping everything is as good as I am hoping it will be. Thank you Brilliant idea.
Bev Livingstone

-- Bev L

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