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Attended the Melb info session today and was so grateful I did...Brendan and Omar were amazing and so generous with their knowledge...can't wait to see you again in Bootcamp! ... See More


It was an very informative experience, instead of giving all the answers the teams offer to teach you how to get the answers! Good stepping stones to finding your own type of freedom ! ... See More


It’s was a great eye opening opportunity, definitely took some really good advice and recommend every to at least attend this seminar, I assure u it’s worth it... See More


Brendan put ogether a fabulous presentation. He is energetic, engaging and informative. Well worth listening to. ... See More


Brendon was extremely knowledgeable on this subject and has life experience with on-line business including importing/exporting
Brendon is a kind and giving person.
I thank you for your time with this free seminar at the Mercury hotel Sydney airport

Kind wishes Penny ... See More


Excellent content and tips to take the current oportunity starting in australia through ecomerce... See More


Great information presented by Brendan. A real eye opener. Totally worth attending... See More


Valuable base presentation. It could do with some restructuring, as it breaches basic rules for quality presentations & leaves a sense of being “all over the place”. This may have been why numbers were slow in going to the back to sign up. I hope you get the number of people you want. I went ear... See More


Brendan is down to earth and genuinely wants to help others.... See More


He was informative, and to the point and no crap, Brendan kept me interested through entire seminar.... See More


Awesome presenter, funny, interactive, very informative on Amazon and great offer on offered programme.. ... See More


Awesome presenter, great info regarding Amazon in and out's and the knowledgeable and profitable programme offered. ... See More


Very informative, great sense of knowledge regarding Online seling..Have taken alot on board. Looking forward to the next step ahead, with Brendan's guidance.
Loved the session. Thankyou...... See More


Very honest and insightful information that He has provided and sharing his knowledge with anyone who is interested... See More


Good genuine informative... See More


Very competent, clear and friendly ... See More


Thank you for all the information you provided tonight. It has given me the inspiration to take the leap and start my own ecom business ... See More


Initially I wasnt sure what to expect in the workshop with Brendan. I was eager to learn about importing and selling on Amazon, and it was an informative few hours listening to Brendan. He is very easy to listen to, whilst keeping the audience interested with occasional questions, some personal ligh... See More

Hi, I absolutely loved Brendon Elias’s talk yesterday and was was so impressed by his knowledge of the Chineese market and his generous sharing. Hi was funny , entertaining and kept us engaged with interactive audience participation. I highly recommend attending one of Brendon’s talks if you are intending to start a Chinese import business. I’m super keen to join Brendon’s team and have the support I need to turn my dreams into reality. Bless you Brendon.

Robyn Janetzki gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

Went to the seminar and the energy the presenter gave off was amazing. The team was very friendly. The information was insightful. Generally had a positive experience.

Diana Lee gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

Brendan's intimate knowledge of the industry is something only a lifetime of experience can attain and he was more than willing to answer questions and deliver the most personalised value to the audience. 3 hours isn't enough to teach you how to sell on Amazon but it was a great introduction to the industry and the possibilities that await.

Lauren Paszkowski gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

Thank you Brendan & co for a very informative seminar. The content and openness about your importing model opened my eyes. I looking forward to learning more. It was awesome 😃

Kim Dale gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

Just attended the Gold Coast event. Awesome! The right event at the right time at the right place. Thank you

Boyd Dale gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

Outstanding seminar. Essentially an intro into the concept and business. Brendan was a great presenter and I believe spoke from a place of integrity and honesty. I’m looking forward to the next steps.

Maria Hobbs gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review


Jeed Chamunee gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

Interesting, informative and motivating Live Seminar, well worth attending! Prior to attending i didnt have a clue where to start, but now i have a plan and direction. Awesome guys! Thanks!

Shirlene May gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

I learnd a tons of information about importing Thats a great class

FiOna Chang gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

I went there on a Sunday morning. In my case, it has to be something I'm really interested in to wake up at this time on a Sunday, but I didn't regret it. They shared some very interesting related to selling online but they were actually trying to sell the boot camp, which is very very interesting as well. I recommend people to go there and listen to what they have to say.

Nicole Cristina gave Brendan Elias a 4 star review

Very informative and insight to the world of importing and China as a whole.

Nitin Khemani gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

This was a very helpful and educational workshop. It is worth attending if you are interested about learning how to sell online.

Richard Trevillien gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

I went to this event thinking it would have information in getting started on Amazon but instead it was an information seminar on how to get started with importing and selling products on amazon, eBay etc. No specific details were given but if you wanted to know more than you needed to sign up to their course. The speaker Brendan did a awesome job and it had lots of great information regarding this eCommerce business. Would highly recommend checking this out as have lots of good information on getting started on creating a online business.

Edwin Yee gave Brendan Elias a 4 star review

Hi Brendan thank you so much for the workshop today in Brisbane it has been very informative and we learned great deal about amazon and importing. Thank you and your team for a great Sunday morning!👍

Paula Heisar gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

Brendan’s workshop was awesome. He’s A great person & a great presenter. The content was very relevant. I wd highly recommend it.

Roslyn Kaiser gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review
Josephat Matimbe gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

This event was so informative, Brendan was great and had such a great energy. I would encourage anyone who is looking for an opportunity to start a new journey to attend this event in your area.

Debra Maka gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review
Abdistar Sheickisack gave Brendan Elias a 4 star review

I will go to the seminar tomorrow so I dont know if it will be good or not, yet I want to give him a 5 Star review for the amount of efforts and hard work he is putting into this, hope he will succeed in his efforts. See you there tomorrow ;)

Shervin Kh gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review
Nanna Dazz gave Brendan Elias a 4 star review

Fantastic seminar, very informative. Thinking online selling.. Then this is for you👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Sue Finnigan gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

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