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Attended the Melb info session today and was so grateful I did...Brendan and Omar were amazing and so generous with their knowledge...can't wait to see you again in Bootcamp! ... See More


It was an very informative experience, instead of giving all the answers the teams offer to teach you how to get the answers! Good stepping stones to finding your own type of freedom ! ... See More


It’s was a great eye opening opportunity, definitely took some really good advice and recommend every to at least attend this seminar, I assure u it’s worth it... See More


Brendan put ogether a fabulous presentation. He is energetic, engaging and informative. Well worth listening to. ... See More


Brendon was extremely knowledgeable on this subject and has life experience with on-line business including importing/exporting
Brendon is a kind and giving person.
I thank you for your time with this free seminar at the Mercury hotel Sydney airport

Kind wishes Penny ... See More


Excellent content and tips to take the current oportunity starting in australia through ecomerce... See More


Great information presented by Brendan. A real eye opener. Totally worth attending... See More


He is a successful person who want share his experience with the others people.
I hope one day by following his training I can become financially free.
Thanks for your help Brendan.... See More


Seminar gave the useful information and insight how to start things on Amazon... See More


It was great to be a part of a to z program. I enjoyed listening to ken and the strategies shared.
Thanks to brendan and his team.
... See More


I enjoyed the seminar and found it very informative and motivating. I was impressed by the amount of knowledge and experience the team had and Brendan’s success story. It was an an enjoyable and recommended seminar. John - Sydney... See More


Brendan is such a great model. He provided a very realistic point of view and experiences as a person who is dare to step out of the traditional thinking and enter into a complete new platform. ... See More


Honest and sincere, really believes in his program and work.... See More


He was so informative, how to start our own online business, and to be successful. ... See More


Whilst there was no hard sales pitch, I would have liked to see a few more facts rather than repetitive success stories. Perhaps an online site to read more about success and failed attempts. I have so many questions that investing $5k was just too steep. But thank you for the information and I look... See More


Very good knowledgeable presentation well done guys... See More


I love Brendon's presentation this morning because it was very informative and I'm sure I would like to enroll in the training but will need to discuss with my family first. ... See More


Great presentation, interesting and enthusiastic! ... See More


It’s was very knowledgeable info session with great presenters and facts showing by slides ... See More


It was a nice workshop to get people to notice alternate ways of income other than 9-5 job.... See More

Very informative and insight to the world of importing and China as a whole.

Nitin Khemani gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

This was a very helpful and educational workshop. It is worth attending if you are interested about learning how to sell online.

Richard Trevillien gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

I went to this event thinking it would have information in getting started on Amazon but instead it was an information seminar on how to get started with importing and selling products on amazon, eBay etc. No specific details were given but if you wanted to know more than you needed to sign up to their course. The speaker Brendan did a awesome job and it had lots of great information regarding this eCommerce business. Would highly recommend checking this out as have lots of good information on getting started on creating a online business.

Edwin Yee gave Brendan Elias a 4 star review

Hi Brendan thank you so much for the workshop today in Brisbane it has been very informative and we learned great deal about amazon and importing. Thank you and your team for a great Sunday morning!👍

Paula Heisar gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

Brendan’s workshop was awesome. He’s A great person & a great presenter. The content was very relevant. I wd highly recommend it.

Roslyn Kaiser gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review
Josephat Matimbe gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

This event was so informative, Brendan was great and had such a great energy. I would encourage anyone who is looking for an opportunity to start a new journey to attend this event in your area.

Debra Maka gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review
Abdistar Sheickisack gave Brendan Elias a 4 star review

I will go to the seminar tomorrow so I dont know if it will be good or not, yet I want to give him a 5 Star review for the amount of efforts and hard work he is putting into this, hope he will succeed in his efforts. See you there tomorrow ;)

Shervin Kh gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review
Nanna Dazz gave Brendan Elias a 4 star review

Fantastic seminar, very informative. Thinking online selling.. Then this is for you👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Sue Finnigan gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

What a great afternoon. I was really quite inspired by today's presentation. Thank you Brendan, I learnt a lot today and hope I can learn even more if I get to study your course. Great presenters today, so much information shared with your audience today.

Linda M Thompson gave Brendan Elias a 4 star review

Brendan.....Thank you!!! Very EXCITING. ..really informative; substantial and very us perspectives and more important. ...address our fears and lack of knowledge. Provides a template and year long participative coaching.....we are here to make business that makes a profit to provide a freedom to live

June Williams gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

Great seminar Brendan definately great information on how to get started on Amazon.

Sonia Bateman gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

I really enjoyed today’s seminar. It had some very helpful info for a beginner like me.

Carly Ssali gave Brendan Elias a 4 star review

Hey Brendan this was a great seminar very informative and interesting loved the energy so glad both my husband took the opportunity to attend ... thank you it was not to be missed! Given us lots to think about taking the next step forward

Sheila Harrison gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

I would not call it a training but an excellent information session for sure. And why not, we need to start somewhere and first layer help was there from A to Z. I might even try it.

Maja Popovic Milosevic gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

Well good lecture and could generate your own idea through it .

Merline Liu gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

Great advice coming from Brendan! Loved coming to the ceminar!

Martin du Preez gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

This seminar is one not to be missed The moment I attended from beginning to end I was hooked the team were so helpful and the success of these people running these special events speaks for its self WINNING is the one word to describe this event

Shaun Quincee gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review
Harpreet Kaur gave Brendan Elias a 5 star review

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