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First I want to thank you for your amazing gift of BrainTap! Not only have I been able to excel my treatment outcomes by adding BrainTap to my practice but in several cases BrainTap has allowed for far more significant life enhancements not only for my clients but also for myself. I want to share with you how BrainTap has personally impacted my life, so far.

I was introduced to BrainTap by Dr Bill Doreste in 2015. I was very interested as I felt that was a missing part to my brain based approach to pain therapy and wellness. I had 2 BrainTap sessions before meeting and speaking with Michael at the CRT summit in Orlando that year. I was already in the process of getting your location license at that time and the conversations I had with Michael reinforced my decision.

At the same time I was bringing BrainTap into my practice I had begun a personal journey of lifestyle changes to better my health. Little did I know what an impact BrainTap would have on that journey.

Let me start by saying I lost 85 lbs and it was not difficult to achieve. My story begins with life events creating enormous amount of stress and grief resulting in my use of food for comfort and emotional analgesia not for nutrition and fuel. I really did not pay attention to what I was eating as I really didn’t care. I allowed a hefty weight gain over about 12 years. During those years I made a few attempts to loose weight and did drop about 20-30 lbs only to gain it back again when stress arrived in my life.

I had my wakeup call in the fall of 2015 when I got back a blood test result from a physical. Having a family history of heart disease I have had my CRP checked on and off for a long time. This time my results came back at 29. That was a really bad number and seriously motivated me to begin changing my eating habits and lifestyle in general.

My approach to loosing weight this time was different. Actually there were 2 things that made this transition different. The first I implemented intentionally (lifestyle change), the second (BrainTap which I was doing for other reasons) was a “game changer” and I didn’t even realize it until after I reached my goal weight.

The first was the way I looked at what I needed to do to be healthy for life. It wasn’t about weight loss for me (although that was an outcome I wanted) it was about lifestyle change. How I would live to be healthy moving forward.

The second thing that I didn’t realize at the time was BrainTap. The interesting thing about BrainTap was that I began doing sessions about the same time I was making my “lifestyle” changes. I brought BrainTap into my private practice to use with my pain therapy clients. As the word spread about BrainTap the use went far beyond pain therapy. I was listening to many various topics, none of which were weight loss or nutrition programs. I listened to sessions 3-7 times a week at home with my BrainTap headset. My intent was personally for my brain health and professionally for knowing the programs to better my client’s experience. I never had thought to use the programs for assisting with my weight loss goals.

With all that said I started my lifestyle change at around 210lbs in Sept 2015. A year later, September 2016, I weighed 145lbs having done no exercise. I began cardio in the gym 1 year after the start of my “lifestyle” change (lost 65 lbs with pure nutrition changes). I met my goal weight range of 125-127lbs Februrary 2017.

Why was I so successful? Why did I have a smooth and easy time with all the nutritional changes I implemented? Why did I have NO cravings, NO caffeine withdrawals or headaches. Why did I drop weight incrementally? Why was I not focused on the scale or weight loss? Why did I not even realize my weight loss as the lbs dropped off? Why did I have energy? Why are people shocked when they see me and I say how easy it was to change my lifestyle? Why after getting an extremely stressful diagnosis of cancer, going through tests and treatments 5 months into my weight loss did I not revert back to emotional eating? I 100% believe it was because of the benefits of brain health from my use of BrainTap! It is the “missing link” in my personal health and professionally in my ability to help my clients in their health journey.

That is my weight loss story. Bascially how I was using BrainTap personally for brain health and professionally to know the programs in order to help my clients. Never with any intention to aid in weight loss but yet it had a profound impact in every aspect of my lifestyle changes without me even realizing what was happening.

The other profound BrainTap experience I had (which I mentioned above) was getting a breast cancer dx 5 months after listening to BrainTap regularly. I believe BrainTap made a profound difference in how I emotionally and psychologically handled the dx, treatment……….well the whole life changing process. As I shared with you on Facebook I also listened to BrainTap with earbuds going thru a CAT scan to avoid taking medication for claustrophobia. Those closest to me would express how surprised they were to see how calmly I was handling all that was going on.

There are so many benefits I have received form BrainTap that have enhanced the quality of my life. Dr Porter you will truly never know how much your work with light and sound and the amazing BrainTap system has blessed me and continues to impact my life. The words “thank you” will never be enough. The way I can thank you without words is by helping to share BrainTap with others as I have been.

Thank you! Lisa Sprague

-- Lisa S

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