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First I want to thank you for your amazing gift of BrainTap! Not only have I been able to excel my treatment outcomes by adding BrainTap to my practice but in several cases BrainTap has allowed for far more significant life enhancements not only for my clients but also for myself. I want to share wi... See More


Love the technology, so very helpful in my recovery from a concussion. Also great, before that, in stress management. I highly recommend it!... See More


I used to be extremely fearful of having to speak in public and I actually need to for my professional career. After going through the Public Speaking series on BrainTap several times, I actually look forward to speaking engagements. I am more comfortable and able to speak from the hip without mem... See More


Using Braintap is like taking vitamins for me. You just get used to feeling better. Then, if you stop, you remember why you started in the first place. Braintap is my go-to mental multivitamin!... See More


After me and my wife started using Braintap, it has allowed us to change old habits and create a whole new relationship with each other and the surroundings.

Today, we are living our passion for helping other people to a new life at our clinic.

Many thanks to Patrick Porter for that opportunit... See More


BrainTap keeps my brain happy and healthy. Could not accomplish all that I do without it. ... See More


My kids are getting a ton out of it, My wife, employees and me!... See More


I am so grateful that our team from the clinic attended the brain tap camp to get motivated and clear on setting up a productive office. It was very inspirational to see other highly successful offices and how they are operating. Dr. Porter and the variety of speakers was very inspirational as well... See More


I am from Northern New York, and flew to New Bern North Carolina for Brain Tap Camp. This experience was amazing. Brain Tap Camp has given me many ideas. With many professionals as speakers have inspired me with knowledge! I also want to say "Thank you, thank you, thank you!... See More


My experience with Brain Tap Technologies was amazing to get so much knowledge offered for new ideas into my own business! Everyone with their expertise were so beneficial to me and for my future. I want to thank each and everyone also from Brain Tap Technologies for their help and generosity. Tha... See More


I have been using the BrAINTAP system for about 2-3 years now. I have completely lowered my stress, excelled in my college education and have been able to sleep like a baby. We use the system in our office also. Our patients have been able to become pain free and live active, healthy lives. I would ... See More


I resolved 40 years of insomnia, 10 years of anxiety and depression in just a few weeks. When my teenage daughter is having a bad day, one session of brain tap and she's feeling great again. I've also had tons of patients get incredible results in just a few weeks. Thank you Dr. Porter!... See More


Not only do I personally use and love BrainTap--my patients do too! Results include increased energy, better focus, improved sleep, stress management and amazing PTSD support.... See More


Love it!
Use it to go to sleep. Works like a charm.
The meditation program puts you in a meditative state, no mater how much stress you are going through
Love it!... See More


Have used braintap for about 3 weeks now for better sleep and stress reduction. Been absolutely amazing. Sleep deeper and with less waking up and feel less stressed. ... See More

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