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Tim is my go-to guy. From consulting on sales and marketing campaigns to creating program content he knows how to simplify any process. I don’t know what’s bigger his heart or his Rolodex.


Timothy Johnson is THE Global Renegade for anyone ready to take their game to the next level.


I met Tim October 2018. The moment I met him, I knew he was the mentor I had been asking for. A loving, caring man, especially the love of kids, set by his past growing up. Having said that, my description of Tim in one sentence is “ Don’t think just do.”
The other things I have learned are, be patient but firm. The expectations we have for ourselves aren’t the expectations everyone else has for themselves. Tim is the best at helping others find their vision and the expectations they have and using... Read More...

Kirby Robbins gave Global Renegade a 5 star Review on Google
C Mike Lewis gave Global Renegade a 5 star Rating on Google

The methodology that Tim teaches breaks down any barriers that someone may have. It’s truly simplified areas of my business for me to focus on what truly matters... serving clients and delivering on what I said I would do. Expanding the reach I have to attract more business and referrals. Along with the Business basics of operations and automation....

Kevin Beverly gave Global Renegade a 5 star Review on Google

Timothy is a brillient guy that really knows his stuff...

leigh waine gave Global Renegade a 5 star Review on Google

Tim doesn't just help you with growing your business, he also shows you different perspective on things. He truly wants to help people and is completely genuine!...

Uncensored Society by Kalpna Suthar gave Global Renegade a 5 star Review on Google

Tim is a master of getting right to the point. If you are looking for a concise way to get to where you want from where you are now, Tim is the man!
Tim is not the man you call when you are looking to make small increments, if you want to be better and do it in the fastest way possible, Tim once a... See More


Tim is the type of person that leaves an indelible mark with anyone he chooses to work with. His integrity, success, and personality all speak volumes to the type of man he is... I can say this with confidence. I have referred a few clients to him... one of which thought he knew the direction he wa... See More


Timothy R Johnson has completely changed my life in ways i never imagined. He began mentoring me and my business grew, my mindset grew, my life changed for the best and most importantly, i gained a level of confidence and awareness i never knew was possible. Tim is so much more than a consultant, he... See More

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