Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

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Lexington, MA
United States

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The challenge course managed to shift my mindset in a different direction and started me to think about the possibilities that were beside me all the time, but towards which I did not dare to go.

Through a systematic and gradual process of acquiring information, to which I have always had resistance (billing and finding students), I managed to "hear" the other side of the story and to accept the fact that teachers do not only transfer their knowledge to students, but also help them solve problems which they have.

I was especially inspired and moved by the emotion of the Challenge community, people from different parts of the world, who had the same or similar problems as me and who were open to share them with each other. I felt a great closeness to the group and I felt as if we have always known each other.

I would like to thank James, who manages to move so many people with his pure business emotion, and Tara, who, with her simplicity, was with us all the time. With the desire to continue your mission, I wish you all the best and I hope we will stay in touch in the future.

-- Aleksandra V

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