Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

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Lexington, MA
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Thank you James! I’ve taken on-line courses before, and received nothing useful for my money. However, this course has filled in gaps in my knowledge of technology, social media, and even allowed me the opportunity to tweak my curriculum design - and program design is my strength1 Your course is well designed, practical, and timely for me. I am SO ready to expand my business and have been desperately looking for a system that will achieve consistent conversion results. I feel that I was at 70% before, and now I’m at 90% - that’s excellent value for $99 and 21 days work. Most notably, I was able to secure an appointment with an HR Consulting firm, using your lead generation system. Once again, thank you very much for your attention to detail and methodical approach to marketing in an industry with a lot of enthusiastic service providers who aren’t really sure about how to reach their target market.

-- Christal R

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