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Lexington, MA
United States

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I found the challenge enlightening and very enjoyable. The lessons and assignments are mostly well-planned and make sense - even to a rookie in the business world. After seeing a video by James where he described the rookie way of doing business, (I'll teach you.- OK, how much do you charge?) I realised that something is seriously wrong with such an approach, yet could not tell what it was. After completing the assignments, I can see why this approach will never work.
I would like to suggest easing the learning curve in Week 2 slightly, by perhaps letting the students do some of the preparation in Week 1 already. Although I already had a LinkedIn account before the challenge, and also had a fairly good idea about how filters and databases work on such a platform, it was still a lot to finish properly. The problems start when you get connect requests etc. from colleagues in the challenge group and you have to keep those up to date while updating information and doing searches.
Nevertheless, it was a worthwhile and interesting experience.
Thank you, James and Team!
Amelia Kellerman

-- Amelia K

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