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The thing about this challenge is that it will provide value even before you start implementing any of the steps. Just by showing you a different perspective in terms of what you are worth and why what you do has greater value than you thought, you will get the confidence to increase your price immediately. Which is exactly the effect it had on me – I increased my current prices and I doubled the amount for the 2 new students I took on two weeks ago. The amount you charge also shows the amount of respect you have for yourself and your program.

As for the content of the challenge, it is PACKED with useful information and practical step-by-step instructions that will increase your revenue IF implemented properly. James is not here to show you how and what to teach, that’s your responsibility. He is here to show you how to sell what you teach in the most effective way. But the trick is – it requires consistency. Unless you follow all the steps and are consistent in implementing them, your results will suffer. But again, even if you only take the course and fail to implement any of the steps, you will still reap the benefits.

Thank you James and the crew for your hard work and support!

-- Pavle L

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