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I was totally amazed by the the structure of the challenge. Everything was well planned out with daily step by step instructions and a great support team of other learners as well as James' team. Some things were not clear at the beginning, but James advised us not to worry, that it would all make sense at the end, and it did. I am a Process Learner, but by the end of the challenge I wanted to jump right in and get started just like a Result Getter. The mind set videos were inspiring and really helped me to change my mindset and focus from -"I am not sure I can teach adults" to "Yes I can do this!" Nervous? Yes, but that will not stop me. I learnt so much and I'm excited to take the journey.
Hearing the stories from past learners, knowing I have a support team of learners and support from James and his team helps a whole lot. James has encouraged us and cheered us on all the way and has told us we are not alone, don't do this alone. With that support I am ready to take the leap, focus, be patient, do the work and let the system work. I do trust the system James and appreciate the hard work you have put in to support us through the challenge.
If you are someone thinking about joining the challenge, I can tell you- You will not regret it; Go for it!
Thanks to you and your team James for the great work you are doing to help us Teachers to become Entrepreneurs.

-- Louise H

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