Dr. George Moricz Body Hormone Balance

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Palm Beach, Florida 33480
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The HCG program has changed my life. Not only physically but mentally. I've tried to loose weight before with programs, diets, shakes, points, and nothing has worked. I may have lost 5 to 10 pounds but would gain it right back not long after loosing and it would take months just to loose that.
I used to be sluggish, tired, depressed and now I have gained my confidence in my appearance. I enjoy shopping for clothes. I have energy, stamina, and endurance. I want to get out and do things that I've not done in a while. I walk almost daily now.
I've lost 24 pounds and it keeps coming off! This is the first thing that has worked for me. And it makes me excited! I want to tell everyone this is an amazing program!

-- Leah W

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