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My daughter started at BBMA in Evans,GA in September. I can't rave on everyone there enough! From the director to every teacher, everyone knows her name and says hello every day! I know she's in great hands with Ms. Susan and the staff there. Thank you for being such a great center that my family ca... See More


BBM in Clinton, SC has done amazing things for my son, who is currently 4 and attends the 4k program. He has grown so much and made great new friends. He adores all of his teachers and staff. I, as a parent, love all of the cute crafts he does and the great experiences that he gets to tell me about ... See More


My daughter goes to BBMA on leaphart road in West Columbia SC. We love it there and so does she. They treat every child as if they are their own. When you walk through you can see the joy on the kids faces. It's an amazing center. They go above and beyond. Just recently they had a parents night out ... See More


My daughters father and I are so thankful for BBMA Friendswood, Texas. Each and every teacher has been so loving and kind to our princess and they treat her so well. They are all so welcoming when we walk through those doors! She has learned so much in the few months that she's been enrolled here! I... See More


My daughter has been attending the bbq on leaphart rd since opened. These are like our extended family and love her as we do. They are great... See More


I Love Big Blue Marble Academy Augusta Great Changes They Truly Love My Child And Everyone That Takes Care Of The Families ... See More


My son is 4 and he is learning so much with the BBM team on Leaphart Rd. You can tell every teacher loves coming in to work and being around the children. He started taking the Spanish Immersion last year and he had been teaching me words. If I have any issues I am always able to talk to them for ... See More


We're new to the BBM Academy family in Friendswood, Texas, but I feel like the transition was seamless. I've seen the same smiling faces my son already loves and he's so excited about his projects at school. ... See More


My son,Covy is always running to class when we walk in to the building. I enjoy the teachers and staff members and I can honestly tell he learns alot. Almost every week, it seems like he had learned something new. I appreciate the staff at Blue Marble Academy, Madeline Dr.... See More


BBMA is our second home and my little girl never wants to leave her teacher, Ms. Breland and even goes home talking about her. ❤❤❤... See More


Awesome Madeline Drive Steven's Creek And Evans Town Center Great Atmosphere ... See More


Awesome School Steven's Creek Augusta GA... See More


Awesome For My Child Left A Primetime Program Family Friendky And Great Programming ... See More


When your child wakes up super early because he is excited to go to school, BBMA, they have to be doing something right! We have been attending BBMA in Murfreesboro for almost a year now. Ms. Shala and the ENTIRE staff are so loving and caring for each child. He is learning so much and is excited ... See More


I love the staff at BBMA in Murfreesboro TN. My son loves it there and has been with them for over a year. Shala and Brande are the best! ... See More


Love the Murfreesboro Tennessee location with all my heart. ... See More


My daughter started at BBMA in August and loves it. I love how helpful and friendly the staff members are. They treat my daughter like family I could not be happier with my decision to enroll her ... See More


My grandson goes there and he loves it as much as we do. Thank you for everything ... See More


Great atmosphere and you can tell the teachers enjoy being there.... See More


Big Blue Marble in Murfreesboro, TN is extraordinary and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. The director Shayla Dunaway and her staff love on all those babies so well. It does my heart good knowing that my baby can be left in loving and caring hands while mommy and daddy are out working 😄 ... See More


BBMA is a great place! All the staff really love the the students! It's a great learning environment! We love BBMA!! ❤️️... See More


Murfreesboro, TN Big Blue Marble Academy is amazing. You can truly tell that the director and teachers there love and care for the children there. They treat them like family, even the parents. My son is learning so much and I am so thankful for the people there. It is hard to leave your childre... See More


I have family that attends bbma of Murfreesboro TN and love the enviroment for my niece's. The staff is great!!! Love it!!!... See More


My grandchildren attend BBMA in Murfreesboro Tn. We have experienced several preschool environments. BBMA is the real world. My grandchildren are thriving beyond expectations. They are so excited to enter the building everyday knowing they are going to be loved and have a full filled day where learn... See More


My son has been at BBMA in Boiling Springs for almost a year. He will be 2 next month and he has learned so much in the past 10 months that he has been there! He comes home daily with new words, sign language, spanish, and how to do new things! He wakes up every morning calling for his teacher and s... See More


Both of my boys have been with BBMA on Augusta Hwy in Gilbert, since they were six weeks old. Now 4 and 2 and they still love going to school. They offer extra curricular activities such as , Spanish, Manderian, and even Karate! The staff is so loving and welcoming and the school is always so clean!... See More


My son started at BBMA on Leaphart road in west Columbia the first day they opened. A year later, I have never had one single complaint about the facility, the curriculum, or the staff! This group of woman are the most loving, supportive, caring, and encouraging people that you will ever meet! My so... See More


My oldest has attended Big Blue Marble in Boiling Springs since she was 6 months old and is now in the 4K program. My youngest has attended since she was 8 weeks old and is now 2. Both of my girls have grown and learned so much through the creative ways the teachers present their lessons. My girls l... See More


We are so thankful for Big Blue Marble Academy! Our daughter has been going to the Boiling Springs location since she was 2 and is now in the 4K program there. The growth we've seen has truly been awesome! We know she will be more than ready for Kindergarten! There's nothing better than having a pea... See More


My daughter has been with BBMA Gilbert Main Street since she was 7 months old. All moms and dads know how hard it is to leave your helpless little one in the care of complete strangers. But BBMA helped calm my nerves. They loved up on my sweet girl! I started becoming acquaintances with the teachers... See More


Big Blue Marble Academy is AMAZING! Our daughter has thrived there in so many ways, and she doesn't fuss when we drop her off. She's very well taken care of, and our son attends after school there. Thank you Big Blue for all you do!! We ❤️️ You!... See More


My child has attended Big Blue Marble. I could not be happier. Awesome staff, amazing programs. The director and teachers always go the extra mile to give my daughter a personable fun experience.... See More

Taylor Leaphart gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review

My son just started at BBM in Irmo, SC. Tammy and her staff are wonderful! They are so easy to work with and truly care about the children and you as parents. I am very happy with our decision to enroll our son at this location!

Ashley Byrd-White gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review

My daughters have been with Big Blue Marble in West Columbia, SC since they were 12 weeks old. Mrs. Cheri and her staff are incredibly caring and professional - the building is immaculately clean, and the programs for children are spectacular. Lots of play and learning demands are age appropriate. But most of all - the teachers are amazing, especially Gail and Tammy in the infant room. When you totally trust someone with your child, and know that they don't just care about your child, but they love them...that person is a member of your family. We are so sad to be leaving and will miss this place!

Amanda DiFeterici gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review

My son goes to the Irmo center and I have to say that the staff there is outstanding and very reasonable to work with. They really make him feel welcome there and will be flexible enough to accommodate you. I strongly recommend them.

Jason Ackerman gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review

My youngest goes to the Morristown TN location and he absolutely loves it there. The directors are the best 2 woman and I'm so lucky that my child gets to go there. You hear all the stigma of daycares and as a mom its scary to send your baby to someone you don't know but I don't have that worry with them. Roberta and Jeanie do an incredible job and my son loves them as do I.

Kandis Hightower gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review
Keri Little gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review

We live in west Columbia SC and I have one little girle whose two years old that attends Big Blue Marble Academy in West Columbia , the one right off Leaphart Road, and I Love it!! My daughter comes home everyday with a new word in her vocabulary , singing new songs , and bringing home activities that her and her teachers have done to help her learn her alphabets and numbers. The teachers are great !!! And so is the director!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! . They also listen to the needs i would like provided for my child and implement them .

Jamauri Darby gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review

BBMA Morristown - my grandsons (ages 2&5) love it! Directors and teachers are loving, energetic, and creative. They treat ever situation as a teachable moment and have fun doing it!

Linda King Mason gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review

I will highly recommend this school! I love it! I have a 3yr old who has been going to Big Blue Marble Academy in West Columbia and I must say everyone including the staff there are loving people. Soon as you walk through the doors you feel loved. Everyday my daughter comes home she has learned something new and also comes home talking about how much she loves going there.

Sharonda Brewer gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review
Shala Dunaway gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review
Angie Ivey gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review

This is my son's 3rd year with Big Blue Marble After care at his school and I love them. They have wonderful staff. I couldn't ask for a better program. "WE LOVE YOU MS BECCA"

Chrystal N Davis gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review

My son who is 3 years old has been at Big Blue Marble in Murfreesboro TN for the last 3 months and it has been a great experience so far. Everyday he comes home telling me about something new he learned. As a working mom it is so fulfilling to know that the staff puts such an emphasis on education with the kids and not just watching them. He loves his teachers and doesn't want to leave at the end of the day. Would definitely recommend to everyone.

Hillary Stiles gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review


Michele Mullins gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review
Kathryn Morris gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review
Lorraine Rodriguez gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review
Jennifer Atchley Silver gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review

Best place on earth to put your child Hwy 1 rocks.The staff is absolutely wonderful!

Chad Rice gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review

From what I see BBMA is amazing and fun for kids of all ages.

Jarvis Boyce gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review
Carmen Rae Childs gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review
Pearl Broome gave Big Blue Marble Academy a 5 star review
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