Barnes Physical Therapy

Reviews: 5

Average: 5 out of 5 Stars

I have had a positive experience here. All of the therapists are caring and attentive. They make the process easy.

Alice Chriatianson gave Barnes Physical Therapy a 5 star review

Where to begin? I have seen other patients and he helps with everything; back, legs, arms, hands, neck, post-surgery, arthritis... The staff are incredible and have good hearts=they care. HE IS GOOD. I recommend him to you if you want to take care of your problem with quality, want someone who actually cares, a clean facility, to be surrounded by the most friendliest of people, a nice and refrigerator cold pt room everyone exercising, and free candy. Parking is abundant. He (plus staff) genuinely cares and the most important part... he listens and DOES SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Now that is what I really wanted. If you hate pain like me, this place is very catering towards pain. Hooking you up to electric massaging or ultrasound is always fun. The jar of Dum Dums make your day sweeter. I couldn't be happier I found this place. Amazing... and I don't say that often.

Pocho G gave Barnes Physical Therapy a 5 star review
August Doddato gave Barnes Physical Therapy a 4 star review
Hadlee Hamner gave Barnes Physical Therapy a 5 star review
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