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Automation Empire is by far the best and easiest servicing company out there !!!! keep up the great work!


Really quick response and so friendly


On top of what needs to be done. Very professional


We rock!




First and for most,
Automation Empire has been phenomenal. My store has yet to launch, as I've been going through all the resources from Files in FB group, FB group old messages & to the awesome Customer Service The Onboarding the Team has. They have been really helpful throughout my store set-up.... See More


hasta ahora mas o menos. pense que me ayudarian por completo en abrir mi tienda, pero me pusieron a trabajar en ella mas bien para la apertura.


It will be slow at first they said! 🤣
I’m not going to lie I freaked! I wasn’t expecting this kind of scale this fast. So I did run in to some issue have been “under review” and my funds are held up in reserves.
The team has been extremely responsive and informative. They submitted an ... See More


My store just went live seven days ago and I’m in shock! The quick response, the courtesy, and overall willing to help definitely made my experience must easier. I suggest new investors to trust the process! You won’t be disappointed! One the best investments I’ve made!


I'm brand new to Automation Empire but so far I've had a great experience!


Fast response from Melisa on every question on my suspension!!! Awesome job!!!


update from my first review on 6/29/21...

The date today is Nov 29th 2021. My account has been live for 3 full months. Since august my sales have been on average 1-3 sales per day, small orders. In September one weekend I saw a huge boost in sales. roughly $2800. October, not to much activity but... See More


My experience with automation empire has been extremely positive. The amazon selling processes can be tedious. Anytime I message the team I recieve a response they are extremely prompt and encouraging. Being in sales myself it is appreciated very much to be able to pleasantly communicate with those ... See More


Thank you for everything that you do. Nothing could be done without all of your hard work.


Tommy and his team are incredible! Top of the line service and provide a great support system to rely on!
Top notch service, real transparency and a company who keeps you as their best interest!


It is amazing.


Automation Empire has been an awesome experience so far. I am blessed to be apart of this growing team and can't wait to see what the future holds.


I have yet to start my Automation Empire business, however them emailing me shows they haven’t forgotten about me.


best in the game


Thank you Camila & Linda Salas (AND Everyone else!) for ALL you do for the success of our business! We really appreciate it!!!


Phyllis Jackson &
Edward Cornelius w/
The JPEC Foundation, LLC


I cant wait to start. Its been an easy on boarding process!


Tommy’s service looks great and can’t wait for the results


I just joined automation empire on June 22, 2021
So far all of the emails and text from my initial first phone call up until now has been great. Every time I have reached out to whom ever I've been dealing with on Tommy's team has responded extremely fast! As for now getting my onboarding started. ... See More


My experience is what all businesses should be. A real one. One with ups , downs, good and bad, I stuck it through and trusted the proccess because I trust the man behind the brand. I’ve been watching Tommy since I was about 18, 19, this man is a true hustler and had great integrity regardless of ... See More




Just getting started and used to the portal but so far so good


This is my first week with Automation Empire and everybody has been helpful and I received received responses very fast.


To whom ever reads this. I can’t say enough about the professionalism of Tommy and his staff. Anytime I had a question it was answers almost immediately and was always a very big help. The documents and information make the process of starting the store very understandable. My store is now live an... See More

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