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6/01/21 text

Just getting started and used to the portal but so far so good

5/28/21 text

This is my first week with Automation Empire and everybody has been helpful and I received received responses very fast.

5/06/21 text

To whom ever reads this. I can’t say enough about the professionalism of Tommy and his staff. Anytime I had a question it was answers almost immediately and was always a very big help. The documents and information make the process of starting the store very understandable. My store is now live an... See More

3/16/21 text

They are excellent with getting back to you with any questions or concerns.

3/08/21 text

The team is always responsive and efficient! Sasha usually gets back to me within the hour with an answer or a follow up. Its amazing as I know there are 800 clients who all reach out to her at different days and times.

Keep doing what you're doing because its working!


3/05/21 text

Automation Empire has the best team there is. Hands down!

2/21/21 text

Always responsive. Appreciate the professional nature of the business.

2/16/21 text

I was amazed how quickly I would be contacted back when I would reach out for help. Tommy has a amazing team set up!

1/29/21 text

So Excited About Launching My Amazon Automation Business

1/18/21 text

Sasha is pleasant and is always willing to help out!

1/14/21 text

So far so good, the team has answered all my questions in an orderly and expeditious manner and I am very appetitive for that. It is not an easy process to get everything set up but I does seem like I am get closer to being done and ready to open my store. Thanks for all your help.

12/29/20 text

I'm just getting started with my own store. My son has been a client for 6 months now and i have followed his progress and see great things with the automation team.I feel privliledged to apart of this great team.

12/14/20 text

Sasha has been nothing but excellent. She is very prompt with answering any questions I have had so far

12/07/20 text

Ever since Melissa jumped on board, communication has been 5 star. Then they brought Sasha on board now it’s 7 stars. The team is doing a great job and as of now I have no complains. Thank you keep up the great work

12/03/20 text

Awesome and excellent customer service support.

9/28/20 text

I just wanted to give a shout out to Tommy and the Team. They are changing lives one Amazon account at a time. I really appreciate all the hard work that gets done. I would 100% recommend this service to anyone who wants a passive source of income. Thank you for everything.

9/18/20 text

I have worked with Automation Empire since April 2020. Tommy and his team have been great to work with. They have been extremely professional and very knowledgeable about E Comm with Amazon. Any questions or concerns I have had, have been addressed promptly and professional. I highly recommend wo... See More

9/17/20 text

This is a very awesome team, really quick response on any questions or issues you have. They know what they are doing, Im glad I joined. Thank you guys keep up the good work.

9/15/20 text

Great experience so far. Good communication and easy step by step set up process. Highly recommend Automation Empire for anyone looking for a great, painless passive income.

9/14/20 text

My store officially launched at the end of March. I kept my expectations very low as I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but I knew that this is a real business and that means ups and downs.
I must say I am ever so grateful to Tommy and his entire team at this point. It’s not everyday... See More

Automation Empire, LLC Replied: Thank you JoAnn we greatly appreciate... Read More
9/14/20 text

Tommy and his team have done a great job for us. From when we first signed up until now he has our best interest in mind. I would have no hesitation in recommending his service going forward. Just be sure to be patient and have enough capital available to grow and he and his team will do he rest!

9/14/20 text

The team members of Automation Empire are amazing. They are very quick to respond and help with concerns. They help with every asset of your business even if they are not benefiting from it. Last but not least, the rests they produce are amazing!

Automation Empire, LLC Replied: Thank you Codey we greatly appreciate... Read More

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