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I recently had the opportunity to attend an event where Christoff Weihman was one of the speakers. Amazing! I can relate to him as I'm sure can many others about having bad customer service experiences. The sad thing is it's far too common these days. Well Christoff shared a personal experience of h... See More

Petia Kolibova gave Christoff J. Weihman/ASPIRE Enterprises a 5 star Review on Facebook

WOW, congrats on your continued success!! Christoff has always put the customer first as long as Ive known him. In the age of cell phone addiction and instant gratification, he stayed the course to the things that really matter....Face to face personal communication, and quality at every level. His story of struggle is equally amazing, always positive through the tough times. Just look at the way he dresses for facebook posts!! Im continually inspired by his success!!...

Estuarte' Ottolini gave Christoff J. Weihman/ASPIRE Enterprises a 5 star Review on Facebook

It was a great experience. He knows how to capture the attention of the people he is in training.


Visited them in Atlanta and Orlando at the CS conference and came away very impressed with their upbest and informative breakout sessions.


I had was in Christoff's session at the NCSA conference and really enjoyed his passion and enthusiasm.


In life, you meet those folks who are authentic and remind us that impactful customer service can move others from clients to comrades. Christoff shared from the heart and inspired us to find ways to take customer service to a higher level.

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