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I won a giveaway through Ascent Funding. It was so easy to apply! I loved the experience.


Ascent Funding is great as they provide scholarships and awards to people that require minimal effort. It’s easy, fast, and awesome!


Veronica LOVED Ascent Funding

Veronica P gave Ascent Funding a 5 star Rating

Vanessa Strongly Recommends Ascent Funding

Vanessa W gave Ascent Funding a 5 star Rating
Shaylee S gave Ascent Funding a 4 star Rating

Victoria Strongly Recommends Ascent Funding

Victoria T gave Ascent Funding a 5 star Rating
Richard W gave Ascent Funding a 4 star Rating

Mackenzee Highly Recommends Ascent Funding to their friends & family!

Mackenzee C gave Ascent Funding a 5 star Rating

Emily gave Ascent Funding an AWESOME Recommendation

Emily W gave Ascent Funding a 5 star Rating

Before getting into the review about attending Ascent webinar, I thought that the webinar was going to just throw information at the people and expect people who attend the video call to know what the faculty and staff of Ascent were talking about. That did not happen. Ascent introduced everyone to ... See More


I loved ascent funding because they provide many scholarship opportunities and applying is really simple. I appreciate that they understand that students need funding in order to succeed in college. Its not easy being a college student during COVID times and Ascent is a great resource for anyone loo... See More


I won the $500 Ascent's Easiest Scholarship Giveaway, and I am very pleased with my experience with Ascent. This is an easy, legit place to win some money for school expenses, with the process for each of Ascent's scholarships being clear to understand and simple to complete. I was contacted via t... See More


I love Ascent Funding because they provided me with a $1,000 scholarship to help with college expenses.


I have nothing but great things to say about Ascent Funding! I was the Day 46 winner of their 50 Days of Scholarships Giveaway in the Summer of 2021, and this was by far the easiest $1,000 I have ever earned. The process to apply each day takes no more than 5 minutes tops to complete (if even that) ... See More


I loved Ascent Funding because they are committed to students getting a scholarship and learning about saving money and behind successful in school at the same time. I thought that was pretty cool and they are very legit. Than you so much @ascentfunding.


The ascent funding was the most simplest way to apply for a scholarship and it has to do with everything that today’s students use.


Very easy to apply for! I've been applying nonstop to online scholarships and ascent is the only organization I have won anything from, or even heard of someone actually winning a scholarship. Thank you so much!!!!

Xander J gave Ascent Funding a 4 star Rating

Ascent funding gives you many opportunities to wins scholarships. They are easy and quick to apply.


Sharon gave Ascent Funding an AWESOME Recommendation

Sharon G gave Ascent Funding a 5 star Rating

Laura is very excited to recommend Ascent Funding

Laura M gave Ascent Funding a 5 star Rating

The process of applying for the Ascent scholarships was extremely easy and efficient. I appreciate the creativity given to us.


It’s easy fast and gives opportunities


It was awesome and so easy! It only took me 5 minutes max to apply for the scholarship. Once I had gotten the message that I had won, I was so excited! The process that comes after winning has such ease as well! Such a great company!


Participating in Ascent Funding’s Scholarship was very easy and simple. All I had to do was create a cute original image with a tip or resource I used to manage money in college. Once I did that, it all went from there. There was no hard, insane essay to write or any gimmicks just a simple fun and... See More


I loved ascent funding because the scholarships questions were fun and easy to understand.


i loved ascent funding because it was easy to work with.


I love it ! I found about this through TikTok and also Instagram like scholarship account I been following. It has been so easy and I’m wishing to win a scholarship since I wouldn’t want my parents to paid. They done everything for me and winning at least this scholarship can help me a lot. My p... See More


Andrew enjoyed the experience with Ascent Funding

Andrew A gave Ascent Funding a 5 star Rating

I loved how easy and user-friendly Ascent funding is. They made applying for my student loan fast and easy and then I even got to enter a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship just by following them on Instagram! I love how easy Ascent funding has made this process, so I don't have to stress! :)

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