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Good quick and smooth.

Cooperative employees.


I love that Ascent Student Loans actually gave so many people a chance of winning a scholarship and also provided some very helpful information such as blogs and articles related to student life.


I loved AscentScholars because the giveaways were so easy to enter and there was a tremendous opportunity to enter. They also offer great financial aid for college students that can’t pay their college through loans. After a huge giveaway, I believe they are here to help us with the loans also. I ... See More


Ascent Student Loans was super helpful in the information they provided through the scholarship. Thank you so much!


Ascent Student Loans was very useful and


Blanca gave Ascent Student Loans an AWESOME Recommendation

Blanca V gave Ascent Student Loans a 5 star Rating

They are a very nice and helpful company! They also respond to your inquiries very quickly, so there’s no long wait times to hear back from them. I would recommend them to others!


I loved Ascent Sponsored students loans because the application process wasn't complex. I was able to access the links and submit my application in less than 2 minuets. Receiving the award was also simple as well. I loved the quickness of the process.


I won Ascent’s daily summer scholarship on day 25 and it was amazing. Entering the scholarship was very easy and I thought my chances of winning any more scholarships were over until Ascent! Receiving the scholarship through PayPal was also amazingly easy. I couldn’t be more thankful to Ascent S... See More


Barry enjoyed the experience with Ascent Student Loans

Barry L gave Ascent Student Loans a 5 star Rating

Santino enjoyed the experience with Ascent Student Loans

Santino B gave Ascent Student Loans a 5 star Rating

Although I don’t qualify for an Ascent student loan (my school doesn’t qualify for some types of aid), I’m very happy with this service! Their customer service got back to me quickly and with a concise answer, and made it easy to withdraw my application. The scholarship is such a fun way to ea... See More


I loved ascent student loans because it was such a fun and easy way to enter to win money for college! I can’t believe there is a resource like this out there for students! I’m so grateful and can’t wait to use my money to attend my dream school and work towards my degree!


I can't quite remember how I found out about Ascent Student Loans, but I am almost positive that it was via another scholarship email list. I began following them on Instagram during their Summer 2020 $1000 per day scholarship giveaway, and immediately loved how easy it was to learn information from... See More


Diana Highly Recommends Ascent Student Loans to their friends & family!

Diana O gave Ascent Student Loans a 5 star Rating

Ascent Student loans has a great scholarship program that is quick and easy which has helped me pay for college.


I love Ascent Student Loans because the application for this scholarship was interactive, unique, and easy to apply for. I applied several times and enjoyed the tasks on Instagram. Definitely a reliable and great company and scholarship! I will continue to be applying for more!


I loved Ascent Student Loans because it gave me a chance to win a financial award to assist me through college. Not only did it give me an opportunity to win a reward that would be beneficial, it also enlightened me personally on different aspects about myself and it forced me to think about differe... See More


Ascent student loans helped a lot with the $1,000 scholarship that I won. It was quick and easy to enter and the return was very helpful in paying off my student loans at least a little faster than I would have without the scholarship.


ّI love this. It is easy to do. The money has helped me a lot. This is the only scholarship I have ever applied to outside of school that I have won. I recommend it to everyone.


Ascent Student Loans provides an easy way to help students get a scholarship money for them to got to college.


I love Ascent student loans because they give away so many scholarships and it is so easy to apply! There are so many opportunities to raise money for school and ascent helps out so much! I have won two scholarships from them to help me pay for my school and they have helped so many others with the... See More


cecilio Highly Recommends Ascent Student Loans to their friends & family!

cecilio A gave Ascent Student Loans a 5 star Rating

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