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I currently work at ARPwave and am lucky enough to take advantage of nuerotherapy! I have been dealing with a lot of knee pain in my right leg this year; especially when running or playing basketball. I have been pain free in my knee since therapy session four! I am at the point in therapy where I can resume basketball and run - so far I am able to do these activities without pain or very little.

I really enjoy the alternative approach this therapy takes. I am a person who does not believe in medication that dulls pain or the symptoms of pain. Instead of focusing on where the pain ended, ARPwave nuerotherapy addresses and finds the neurological origin. In turn, weakened muscles in my legs are now getting stronger, taking force out of my patellar tendon, and relocating that force back into the muscles that are designed to absorb that force.

I highly recommend nuerotherapy to my friends and family that are currently struggling with pain. If surgery or taking opiods is a decision you are faced with, please call ARPwave to determine if you can be helped naturally through therapy!

-- Michael G

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