ARP Wave

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Average: 5 out of 5 Stars


This is a therapy like I have never seen before. After going through only one treatment, I went from a pain level of 7 in my leg to pain of a 4. In addition, I went from not being able to reach down past my knees to being able to touch my toes. From just one session I'm already seeing remarkable imp... See More


As a former college athlete I've used stim devices before, none of them compare to the ARP devices and protocols. Love them! ... See More


I had a hip flexor issue right before hurricane Irma hit. I was in major pain, not knowing how I would get through the hurricane with the intense pain I was experiencing. Thank goodness for Arpwave.... it was truly a miracle treatment. I hope others will try this drug free alternative. It gave me in... See More


ARPwave PRS works wonders in my active lifestyle. I take it across country when riding my motorcycle 6 days riding and no pain. I take when I camp and hike. Love it! ... See More


ARP changed my life and my practice. If every person in this world used ARP our healthcare system would go from bankrupt to thriving. ... See More

If you haven't used the ARPwave machine, it is a must try! Find a doctor in your area and use it to recover quicker from any type of injury.

Sam Pizzo gave ARPwave a 5 star review
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