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Great service and wonderful results. In two weeks time I’m pain free and sleeping through the night after needing to sleep in my recliner for one full week. ... See More


Christine was awesome. Everything was thoroughly explained. Very professional but also friendly and encouraging. I would recommend this therapy to.others... See More


Sarah and Christine were so accommodating and helpful to my situation. They tried very diligently to help me feel better! They are excellent therapists and would recommend this treatment! Thank you Sarah and Christine❤️... See More


I just finished a 30 day treatment program of ARP Wave Therapy through Dr. Theodore Firestone’s office. I have less pain and more mobility than before the ARP Wave therapy program and I am hoping that this translates to some long term advances in recovery for me. I had my left knee replaced Janu... See More


The therapy was great! It really helped the pain in my knee go away! My Neuro therapist Tim was great!... See More


ARP Wave made a real difference in my life. My pain was greatly reduced and made normal everyday tasks comfortable again. ... See More


My head aches and my tightness in my neck has gone. Thank you Tanner for what you done.... See More


This experience has been wonderful and I have received so much pain relief in such a short period of time. I have and will continue to recommend this treatment to anyone who will listen to me about. Brian is a.definite asset to your company. His calm demeanor relaxes you and makes the session les... See More


I currently work at ARPwave and am lucky enough to take advantage of nuerotherapy! I have been dealing with a lot of knee pain in my right leg this year; especially when running or playing basketball. I have been pain free in my knee since therapy session four! I am at the point in therapy where I c... See More


This is a therapy like I have never seen before. After going through only one treatment, I went from a pain level of 7 in my leg to pain of a 4. In addition, I went from not being able to reach down past my knees to being able to touch my toes. From just one session I'm already seeing remarkable imp... See More


As a former college athlete I've used stim devices before, none of them compare to the ARP devices and protocols. Love them! ... See More


I had a hip flexor issue right before hurricane Irma hit. I was in major pain, not knowing how I would get through the hurricane with the intense pain I was experiencing. Thank goodness for Arpwave.... it was truly a miracle treatment. I hope others will try this drug free alternative. It gave me in... See More


ARPwave PRS works wonders in my active lifestyle. I take it across country when riding my motorcycle 6 days riding and no pain. I take when I camp and hike. Love it! ... See More


ARP changed my life and my practice. If every person in this world used ARP our healthcare system would go from bankrupt to thriving. ... See More

If you haven't used the ARPwave machine, it is a must try! Find a doctor in your area and use it to recover quicker from any type of injury.

Sam Pizzo gave ARPwave a 5 star review

I have gained more strength through this therapy. My pain has been greatly reduced, and I really appreciate the therapist's encouragement and knowledge about the program to help me improve.

Diana Dahle Dowdle gave ARP Wave a 5 star review

After ARPwave treatment all my Life activities are improved as I can drive without shoulder pain and play with my grandkids freely .l advise people who are suffering from pain to use ARPwave treatment. Thanks my neurotherapist.

Maysa Abdelhalim gave ARP Wave a 5 star review

ARP Wave made a real difference in my life. My pain was greatly reduced and made normal everyday tasks comfortable again.

Jared Dowdle gave ARP Wave a 5 star review
Roxanne Robson gave ARP Wave a 5 star review

I have Primary Progressive Multiple Scerosis and have used the ARP for years. I love how it works for the leg spasms and makes moving my legs after a treatment more responsive. I don't have any pain with my MS but I have had people try it when they have pain and it was amazing, I am told. I would think that if you are having a exacerbation it would be very helpful.

Robyn R Kuiper Rasmussen gave ARP Wave a 5 star review
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