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Professional, great attention to detail, excellent results; my technician Christen is super nice and clear with her directions.... See More


Christen is awesome and really great at her job. She explained everything to me very well, and is very caring. Could not be more happy.... See More


Paul Ferrandino was an excellent therapist. He explained the theory and treatment process. He provided lots of support and encouragement. My condition has improved.... See More


Happy with the treatments! AFTER EACH TREATMENT I saw improvement and I felt stronger each day after a treatment.
Jen did a fantastic job and was very flexi le eith my schedule. Overall was a great experience... See More


Much faster recovery than surgery last year and much less pain. My neuro therapist Jen was entertaining and had a great German accent and made the therapy much easier!... See More


So great! My recovery was so fast and I think it was faster because of ArpWave. The doctor was actually surprised at how well I recovered and the movement I have. Don't think of it as a shortcut, I worked it every day, it's just better, more efficient! I will do this therapy for any injury I have.... See More


The Neuro-Therapy was great! It was non intrusive and you would feel stronger week to week. Jen was great to work with. She was informative about the treatments and would push you to do the therapy while at home, without sounding athoratative. I'd recommend the treatment to others. Thank you Jen!... See More


The therapy seems to be helping me heal faster. I have been very happy with how things are going and opted for this treatment over the "traditional" physical therapy. I started with Jen for my Achilles and am now with Christen for my hip and back. They are both very personable and professional, so m... See More


This therapy helped my condition considerably. Jen, the technician was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. She had answers to all my questions and explained the therapy as I was going through the different treatments. Great personable service!... See More


Loved the personal touch and the sensitivity to how I was feeling.... See More


Brian was very thorough with each session and made the process enjoyable. I definitely saw an improvement in my ankle and would absolutely recommended this therapy to a friend.... See More


Great service and wonderful results. In two weeks time I’m pain free and sleeping through the night after needing to sleep in my recliner for one full week. ... See More


Christine was awesome. Everything was thoroughly explained. Very professional but also friendly and encouraging. I would recommend this therapy to.others... See More


Sarah and Christine were so accommodating and helpful to my situation. They tried very diligently to help me feel better! They are excellent therapists and would recommend this treatment! Thank you Sarah and Christine❤️... See More


I just finished a 30 day treatment program of ARP Wave Therapy through Dr. Theodore Firestone’s office. I have less pain and more mobility than before the ARP Wave therapy program and I am hoping that this translates to some long term advances in recovery for me. I had my left knee replaced Janu... See More


The therapy was great! It really helped the pain in my knee go away! My Neuro therapist Tim was great!... See More


ARP Wave made a real difference in my life. My pain was greatly reduced and made normal everyday tasks comfortable again. ... See More


My head aches and my tightness in my neck has gone. Thank you Tanner for what you done.... See More

This has been the best experience for me. At first I didn't know what to think about it but as time went on , I started to feel better and better. I had so much pain that I could hardly stand it and now I'm pretty much pain free. Everyone involved with this has just been terrific. I would definitely recommend this to family and friends.

Scott Krajick gave ARPwave a 5 star review

So great! My recovery was so fast and I think it was faster because of ArpWave. The doctor was actually surprised at how well I recovered and the movement I have. Don't think of it as a shortcut, I worked it every day, it's just better, more efficient! I will do this therapy for any injury I have.

Kirk V gave ARPwave a 5 star review

This program worked for me. I had the active sessions done with a therapist within my primary care office and I did the recovery sessions at home with the unit they let me use. I enjoyed this therapy experience and if you have a nagging issue, I would "at least" recommend you try it.

Ron Franklin gave ARPwave a 5 star review

If not for the ARPwave facility and the POV Sport, I would likely be a crippled mess relying on prescription pain medication. I dealt with severe nerve pain from two herniated discs in my lowers back, as well as issues from my three ACL surgeries, to the point where I couldn’t even walk. Now I’m able to function normally, and I look forward to the days where I use my machine for workouts at home. This is my form of health care, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be physically fit and healthy. Josh Leddy

Josh Leddy gave ARPwave a 5 star review

Great product, fast results, it really works! I had a terrible pain in my elbow and nothing got rid of it. After just one session with ARPWAVE they found the problem was in my shoulder (the actual source of the injury), then they treated it just once and the pain was gone and has never returned. AWESOME, thank you so much!!!

Chris Moon gave ARPwave a 5 star review

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