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I am glad that we chose to work with ARHT Home Solutions. We needed lots of work, We noticed some staining in our living room around our sky lights and in one corner of the room after a series of drenching storms. We started looking for a contractor to help us make the necessary repairs. We spoke with a few others who wanted to file claims and gave promises of fixing it and making a claim but they did not show any immediate interest in looking at the problem firsthand. We spoke with owner Michael of AHRT Home Solutions, he was the only one who seemed interested in knowing what was going on before discussing work. Based on what he saw he thoroughly walked us through the materials, processes and reasons for what was needed.

Micheal arranged a time to schedule work, his team was prompt and professional, they showed up with ample equipment and workforce and were dressed professionally wearing company apparel. The people he sent to work on the house were dedicated teams who specialized in various steps of the roofing process. There was a roofing team, a drywall and painting team, a gutter team, and a trim work team.

Our roof has many angles and is steeply pitched, the team used safety gear and harnesses to complete the work and managed to remove all the old shingles, skylights, felt and any necessary rotted wood, in the same day they replaced the wood, shingles, and skylights and upgraded felt. The next day the interior crew came to repair the drywall in the living room and paint. They did a great job coveringing things and their work was accurate and they even matched a 15 year old khaki color in the living room. At the same time he sent a crew to do our trim and gutters.

The only hiccup was with the trim, the crew member who was working on the trim was more familiar with the gutters, he did a great job on the gutters, but when Micheal saw the trim we was unsatisfied with the installation, he made sure someone who was well versed with trim re-did the work, he also upgraded our trim caps. The new trim looks nicer than our neighbors caps now.

It would have taken about 3 days originally to complete everything but it ended up taking 4 because of the trim recapping but was well worth it and we were pleasantly surprised that Michael took the initiative and added cost to himself to make it right without us pushing for it. He truly is a perfectionist who is the first to tell you that if he has not earned 5 stars then something is wrong and he intends to make it right. He uses the best materials and regularly oversees the work and communicates with the customer. AHRT has certainly earned a 5 star review from me and I would recommend them if you want the job done right.

-- Scott H

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