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I have been struggling with weight issues since my car accident in 2007. Nearly $200,000 in medical bills, 4 surgeries and 60 pounds later, I couldn't stand to look at myself in the mirror.

A doctor friend recommended the HCG Diet. One of his other doctor friends had tried it and lost 60 pounds! I thought "Gee, I need to lose 60 pounds!"

Dr. Allen and the rest of the staff were friendly, understanding and compassionate. I never felt I was beung judged. I felt like I had my own personal cheering section! Dr. Allen explained the program in detail and it definately seemed like something I could do.

While my weight loss wasn't as extreme as my friend's, I have been more than thrilled. I'm still in phase 2 and Ive lost 18.5 pounds and inches all over! Im in jeans I havent looked at in 3 years. But even more amazing, I have been able to cut my blood pressure meds and beta blocker prescriptions in HALF!

The diet itself is easy to follow. With creative kitchen skills, you can make amazing meals. One of my favorites is diced caprese tomatoes, sliced strawberries, fresh chopped basil, garlic, salt, pepper and grilled chicken. Delicious! Or for a snack, a Dreamsicle. One whole navel orange, crushed ice, a spash of green tea, vanilla cream liquid stevia and blend. You won't miss ice cream!

Some of the other unexpected results have been a welcome surprise. My frequent headaches were gone in the first week. My chronic back pain subsided. I started sleeping better. I no longer had to take prescription pain pills to fall asleep at night. I feel "better". My Boss even commented that people are usually cranky on diets. He said my mood improved!

I cannot say enough about Ambiance, Dr. Allen and the rest of the staff. I highly recommend them!

-- M R

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