AMPM Credit Repair

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5601 Bridge St. Ste. 300
Fort Worth, Tx 76112
United States

AM/PM Credit Repair is not just a Credit Repair Company; It's an Empire built on integrity! Hard work and being proactive serves a great cause!

I signed a little over a month ago and not only has my scores increased I am being educated as well! I have been able to identify fraudulent collection ... See More


I am on my third Round with this company and my score has increased a total of 460 points!!!! I am so grateful and overwhelmed that there are legit and hard working people/ businesses that really change lives like AMPM! Please sign up if you haven’t already. I am always smiling when I see this and... See More



Normally I am a very hard personal to please but when I say Ashley and her company has exceed all my expectations.. Their professionalism is remarkable and willingness to help the customers had been the best experience I've had thus far.. I've only been with them almost 2 months and the... See More


AMPM Credit Repair has changed my life! The customer service is superb and the service outstanding! Best decision I ever made!... See More


Helped me get a repossession off my credit in my first month after another company wasn’t able to do so. Thank you AM/PM ... See More


AMPM GETS THE JOB DONE! Between the deletions, the credit education AND the customer service, this is the best money I’ve spent on myself in a very long time!... See More

I LOVE AM/PM Credit repair. Professional, honest and you get what you pay for. If she doesn’t get results, you get your money back, free consultations (other credit repairs charge) and I trust them 100000%. Ashely and her team are exceptional. I encourage you all to take this leap of faith

kimberly garza gave AM/PM Credit Repair a 5 star review

Ashley Massengill and her team are amazing. Very professional and awesome customer service. With their help and guidance my credit score has increased and continues to increase. Ashley and her team are a blessing.

Tam Taylor gave AM/PM Credit Repair a 5 star review

Honestly this company is the best money you can spend on yourself. They are legit. They are professional. They are accurate. I signed up and in one month my score went up 152 points! This company has my support forever for that!

Lexii McCain gave AM/PM Credit Repair a 5 star review

I truly love this company, Ashley is so down to earth and knowledgeable. She truly ensures that every client of hers understands what is going on, the Do's and the Dont's and she is one of the few business owners I have witness truly want to see everyone win. When you want others to win, then you truly see blessings upon blessings. She is truly the definition of "you reap what you sow"!! Keep up the good work Ashley because your name will be known all over!!!

Renee Marks gave AM/PM Credit Repair a 5 star review

I signed with AM/PM Credit Repair early March 2018 and glad that I did!! Phenomenal Team of people to work with! Very professional, knowledgeable and encouraging! Always a smile on the other end of the phone! I highly recommend this company!!!

Kimberly Clark gave AM/PM Credit Repair a 5 star review

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