Robert Novak

Reviews: 7

Average: 4.9 out of 5 Stars


I was able to attend one of your lectures and I thought your presentation was put together well. I picked up some new ideas and I like that you explained some ideas with a visual.

I also spoke with you on a one on one. I felt your energy being distracted and not fully engaged. I also felt a neg... See More


I am the woman in the hall you so graciously waited for.
I found the presentation very validating. I am actually seeing a person who does energy work so to hear a similar message was great. You are quite charismatic and it was a pleasure hearing you speak. Loved the book!... See More


Robert was in tune, attentive and present. He was able to distinguish what the root cause of people's issues were based on reading the energy accurately. I am intrigued by his mastery and appreciated his session with the group.... See More


My experience was wonderful Robert. He was informative, insiteful and confident. As of a result of take this workshop I'm hooked . I am vary excited about learning more and look forward to taking more workshops.... See More


Very informative, what he talked about made since, he was clear and passionate about what he was telling (teaching) us. Makes me want to learn more about his method of healing. Thank You. ... See More


Wonderful to watch healings taking place, and a friend receive help. Great opportunity to watch Robert Novak using the Yuen Method. He is a very gifted and intuitive healer.
... See More

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