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Heard the info commercial on a Saturday morning to come to a seminar. Best thing I did! The wife came as well, and so after my consultation and X-rays, the decision to do the stem cell therapy was a no brainer. Two weeks in and the constant knee pain is gone. The staff and doctors are all awesom... See More


I came in because my neurosurgeon said I would have to have back surgery and that was something I wasn't going through. I have had several appointments at Alliance and my back is feeling a lot better. I can sit and stand for longer periods and the pain is dull and not as sharp. I have been to other ... See More


I came to see Dr. Lane because of some pretty severe neck pain. Within just a few short visits, I am feeling so much better. His approach to chiropractic care is wonderful. He believes in getting to the root of the problem to get you better quickly. Thanks to his entire team for making me better!


I came to Alliance to get relief for pain in my right knee. We decided to have stem cells injected to promote re growth of the tissue in my knee. Because of the arthritis I have, it has been a slow progress. However, when I started, I was practically wheel chair bound. I now walk freely with onl... See More


My name is Chase. I came in because I've been experiencing lower back pains and numbness in my left leg. In the past I've tried just a few other things but nothing worked to fix it. Since I've been coming here, however, it has gotten significantly better. It's been enjoyable coming in, the staff is ... See More


I came in for neck and lower back pain caused by a car accident. I had my back aligned shortly after but decided that I needed some soft tissue work done in said areas. The professionals at Alliance knew what to do and helped reduce the pain quickly. I would recommend them to family and friends.


I have been to a handful of Physical therapy offices and I am very pleased with the quick results I've received from Alliance Physical Medicine. I really like the approach they take with using trigger point and massage treatment. Everyone is very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Al... See More


I have been coming to Alliance Physical Medicine off and on for over 4 years. They have assisted me with neck and shoulders issues along with hip and quads issues. Their goal is always to get you healthy as quickly as possible. Dr. Race was the only Dr. that was able to assist with neck issues and a... See More


I'm Lee . I'm a Pipefitter and active athlete. I came to Alliance and have been amazed at the results of the treatment program they've designed for me. I've been to several physical therapy clinics in the valley with little results. I would only recommend Alliance Physical.


I came in for relief frequent neck pain and headaches and was instantly impressed with the friendliness of the staff. In the past I worked with other physical therapists and a chiropractor with little relief. I'm already seeing progrsss in my pain and and hopeful my problems will be resolved. I will... See More


I am being treated for a heel spur/ plantar fasciitis and after 5 weeks of treatment, I am feeling much less pain. Awesome facility and crew!
I would definitely recommend Alliance Physical Medicine.

Mary Pearson Wood Recommends Alliance Physical Medicine

thanks Danielle I limped in She gave me a PRP injection in my knee (after Ive been dealing with pain since Nov) and it feels so good I think I can attempt and irish jig on St Patricks day. thanks Danielle and Alliance you guys rock!!!!

3 months ago
Lissa Carey Holiway Recommends Alliance Physical Medicine

Wonderful experience. So far they have worked wonders!!

10 months ago
Jennifer Parker gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

I have been going here for my arm. It was so sore I wanted cut off. After seeing Dr. Lane it has improved all most 100% I have exercise to do and that helps a lot. All the people there are great. The girls at the front desk welcome me as a friend they are so cool! I don't know how to spell my physical therapist name but I think she is the sweetest. Danielle also helped me with blood work up. Everyone should give them a change to help them they will be surprised. Thank you again

12 months ago
Anna Carter gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

Dr. Cable has taken away my lower back and hip pain in a few months! This is something I could not find any solution for until I saw him. I'm so grateful to be pain-free and active again!

12 months ago
Amber Abercrombie gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

My husband and I have been nothing but impressed with the doctors and staff at Alliance! It’s much more than a fix-it-and-forget-it type place. They really do work to get you healthy and keep you that way!

12 months ago
Ashley Weiler gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

I am so grateful I found this office. I have suffered chronic, debilitating pain for about 9 years. I have seen 4 traditional chiropractors in this time, and one who was not traditional. I thought I was just going to have to deal with it. I couldn't walk, exercise, or even ride a bike without horrible neck pain. My average daily pain was about a 7. Thanks to Dr. Lane and Danielle, my average now is about 2-3. I don't want to mislead anyone into thinking you will be magically healed in one visit, but after 9 years of agony even with regular visits to a chiropractor, I am able to function almost normally after 5 months here. That's less time than it would take to have and recover from a surgery (which many people told me was my only option). My results would have been a little faster if I had added massage to the mix. The magic here is the method. A traditional chiropractor adjusts your spine, which does help, but only temporarily. If you've dealt with an injury for an extended period, your muscles become part of the problem. This office is worth your time and money because both problems are addressed together, rather than just muscles addressed by a physical therapist, or just bones addressed by a traditional chiropractor. If you're still sceptical, do some research on fascia, and see how fascia, combined with muscles, bones, and ligaments determine what your mobility and pain are. The extra added bonus here is that I found a primary care physician in Danielle who feels the same way about medicine as I do. I worked in the field of pharmacy for almost 5 years before leaving, because I disagree with the idea of using pills for all problems. Danielle worked with me to avoid pain killers, despite my chronic and awful pain, and gave me more natural ways to deal with other medical issues I have. In short, if you're in pain, take the time to visit and talk to one of the Doctors or Danielle. If you're feeling off, stop by. These people care about what they do, and care about their patients. I believe that anyone who wants to feel or be better and doesn't mind trying something other than a pill will find what they are looking for at this office.

1 year ago
Alisha Phillips gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

Dr. Race and Beth are more passionate about helping their patients have a whole approach to health and wellness than anyone I have met! What a great space and team!

1 year ago
Tari Larimore gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review
1 year ago
George Anderus gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

All of the healthcare professionals at Alliance are fantastic. You feel comfortable and cared for the entirety of your time with them. Dr. Race and his team are hands down the best in the valley. If you have ANY pain or movement issues you NEED to be giving them a call.

1 year ago
Chuck Page gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

Dr Race has been a god send for me. I have had countless injuries over the years and there is nothing this guy can’t fix!!

1 year ago
Bethany Joy gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

Alliance is amazing! They listen to your needs. I love Danielle Sutton. She is a great practitioner and is fantastic at her job!

1 year ago
Ashley Feehan gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

I love you guys!! Best people ever!! Dr. Race is super knowledgeable! The staff is amazing also!! Try them out and get answers!! �

1 year ago
Paul Daniel Fay gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

Dr. Ben webb treated me in Kansas City. I have 2 herniated discs in my low back and he helped me to get out of pain and to function again. He llistens, and cares, he is a great Dr.

2 years ago
Nicole Tycz gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

Dr. Race and his team go above and beyond for their patients! I always leave feeling 10 times better than when I walked in. I am constantly telling friends, family, and co-workers about everything that they offer.

2 years ago
Rebecca Amarel-Stonhill gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review
2 years ago
Laken Langfitt gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

I tell everyone I know about Dr. Race and his staff at Alliance Physical Medicine! I have chronic pain, old injuries upon new injuries that have built up scar tissue all over, and I'm still young. I know the soft tissue work, adjustments, massages and physical therapy exercises combined with knowledge and instruction I've been given through Alliance's professionals has greatly improved my wellbeing. I experience less overall pain than I have in over 6 years. I've been able to increase range of motion, improve sleep quality, experience less headaches, less widespread pain, and lower Rx medication dosages. I look forward to each and every appointment.

2 years ago
YaJenne Javernick gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

Life changing Support for optimal health I recommend whole heartedly Anyone and everyone seeking, integral healing solutions. Namaste YaJenne Javernick

2 years ago
Kelsey C. Holder gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

Dr. Race is in a league of his own and among America's best progressive chiropractors. Not only does he walk the walk, he also invests a lot of time and resources promoting natural alternatives to becoming pain free.

3 years ago
Jeri Carr gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

Dr Race is just amazing, he knows how to listen and has the ability to adjust and do his facia magic.

3 years ago
Jackie Collins gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

I went for my first appointment and walked out feeling better than I have in years! The pain and stiffness was actually gone. I have been going to a chiropractor for over 12 years. My back goes out about every three months and I can't even hardly get dressed. I think a few more appointments with this team and I may be cured for a lifetime.

3 years ago
Jeremy Johnson gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

Amy and Dr. Race are awesome! They've been instrumental in helping me resolve some persistent back, neck, and shoulder issues. Can't recommend them highly enough.

3 years ago
LeAnn Morgan Stack gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

This is the place to go! Dr Race is the best in the business. He doesn't just do adjustments, he helps in the healing of soft tissue too. He has helped me with plantar fasciitis, and with chronic back, neck pain.

3 years ago
Kylee Wiscombe gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

I've not had this good of results with many many years of chiropractic visits, I'm so grateful that someone referred me to Alliance. Dr. Race and Dr. Lane and staff have been great...and I'm finally making progress in feeling better for good!!

3 years ago
Lynn Koistinen gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

Excellent care and a wonderful staff, Dr Cable is working wonder's wth my chronic pain. Check thi paceoit and see what soft tissue treatment can do for you!!

3 years ago
Jeff Walters gave Alliance Physical Medicine a 5 star review

Cannot recommend Dr. Ed Race and the Team over at Alliance Physical Medicine enough! I have had chronic lower back pain, to the point it woke me up after 4-5 hours of sleep, no matter how much I spent on a mattress! His knowledge and work on my muscle facia along with routine rolling, exercise and adjustments has dramatically improved my quality of life! I can easily sleep 6-7 hours without the same pain I dealt with for years! Would highly recommend seeing him for pain that is effecting your lifestyle.

3 years ago

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