Allborough Steam Cleaners

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651 Vermont Street
suite 2
Brooklyn, NY 11207
United States
(347) 627-8386

gave Allborough Steam Cleaners 5 stars


I had my carpets throughout the entire house cleaned as well as my sectional sofa and a few chairs. I have to say I'm very pleased with the work of Allborough. I have a dog and I host many family events, so my carpets and sofa have seen better days. I had many stains and the high traffic areas were heavily soiled. After cleaning all the stains are all gone. My initial thought upon seeing the completed job was "brand new". It brought me back to the day I purchased the home eleven years ago. In addition to lifting the stains the fresh smell of the carpets and sofa are pleasantly welcomed. Thank you again Allborough.

-- R R

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