Jamilee McQuivey, A.G.I.

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I thoroughly enjoyed Jami's book, the light humor and honesty kept me intrigued thank you for the good read.... See More


I purchased tooth paste, and I love it! I love natural products that I know are safe and chemical-free. This powder toothpaste tastes great and I love the detoxifying, cleaning, etc. benefits I know I'm getting every time I brush my teeth.... See More


It was a very entertaining and informative class. I enjoyed a lot of ideas she shared.... See More


i love my tooth powder! At first it was a bit weird and gross, but after using it a few days those feelings changed to amazing. I won't trade this product and am going to be ordering it forever!!!! I tried going back to regular (organic) toothpaste and it was disgusting. I really a look forward to ... See More


Agi Naturally Pure Tooth Cleansing Powder not only leaves my teeth white and my mouth clean but my kids request to brush their teeth with it! They don't complain about brushing their teeth since we started using it. Thanks Jami for creating a tooth powder my kids love!... See More


Wow! Thank you for everything! Loved your 6 week Sexual Retraining Program! It was amazing....INTIMACY really describes what we now enjoy! Thank you for your insight, encouragement, up beat personality and for keeping it all God-Centered! We definitely recommend your full class to every Christian ma... See More


I loved the energy she had in her seminar. The information was great knowledge and she took the time after the seminar to answer individual questions. An experience I will remember. ... See More


My husband Barry Riggs and I thoroughly enjoyed this class. There was Hands-On learning,, as well as an excellent PowerPoint presentation. Her class was nformative and instructive. Jamilees class was amazing. Sbe is Such a fun speaker and person. :-)

... See More

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